The Xbox One is outta this world

We’ve generally been an outdoors-living family, but there’s now something luring the kids inside! They are absolutely loving the new Xbox One, kindly given to us by Microsoft as our family explore the new world of Windows during the Microsoft Connections Program. To be honest, I can understand why they’re getting into it ... the Xbox One is unlike any other gadget I’ve experienced.
Noah is blown away by the fact the Xbox One identifies his face instantly with its facial recognition feature. Amazingly, the Xbox One will recognize a user walking up to it and immediately adapt the environment to suit. Not only does it do gesture and voice recognition, unbelievably it can also sense mode and heart rate!  

Our new Xbox One family member 
In his own cute words, Noah has said he “feels so connected with the world” and is especially keen on the Xbox Live Gold membership. This allows him to download games and apps to play with his friends online. He’s having an absolute ball with it!
Xbox One connecting you with the world 

The privacy settings are amazing and really very reassuring for us, as parents to 4 young ones. We control exactly who views our personal data, videos, photos etc…and no one else has access to any of this unless we give them permission. As modern day parents we’re very aware of online risks and have been impressed by Microsoft’s security measures.
The box is fully designed to interact with us any way we want. We can talk to it, make gestures or just use the remote control or game controllerI’m amazed at the intelligence an entertainment machine can provide and until experiencing it would have thought it Science Fiction!
With this console, Microsoft has thought of everything a family could need! We love the fact that we can have high-definition Skype calls with our friends and family, and with my Mums recent trip back to Serbia it has been a brilliant way of keeping in touch. The kids much preferred turning the Xbox One on to chat with their Baba AKA Grandma while being able to see her on the big screen.
The Xbox One is the ultimate entertainment system and the graphics are just amazing. Movies, games and even surfing around the webare an incredible visual experience. In the games, characters are so realistic, speaking and moving with human qualities I’ve never before seen digitally. The world of each game comes alive in your own living room and without a timer, you could almost play on this machine forever! No wonder our two boys in particular have been captivated from the moment we plugged it in!

Microsoft Connections Program - Xbox One 
One of its niftiest features has our kids entranced! This console hears your voice and turns itself on and the kids are amazed! And,when I tell them it's time to stop playing... I'm sure it hears my voice all the way from the kitchen and automatically switches itself off!! HahaWell, maybe not. 
The beauty of all the products we received from Microsoft is they provide a unique cross-screen experience. So regardless if we are on the phone, laptop or tablet we are still connected by the cloud processing system to an awesome digital experience.
Hands down I’d highly recommend adding the Xbox One to your next tech shopping list. You’ll get endless entertainment and have so much fun with the entire family. It’s jam packed with educational experiences not to mention exploring the world of this amazing technologyWe’re loving it!
What entertainment units do you have in your household? How do you find them?
Much love and friendship,

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