The weekend is over it's time to meal plan

The weekend? What weekend? Gosh that just went too fast! Nothing beats a weekly reminder to restart healthy habits again to encourage our families healthy eating success. The only way I survive a brand new week is with our chalkboard meal planner inside our pantry cupboard. Typically I do it Sunday nights, so I am prepped with my online shopping and a visit to my local green grocer. Meal Planner Dani Stevens

So here's what we have planned in the kitchen this week;

Monday - typically it's Meatless Monday for us so I'll do a quinoa Moroccan style salad (with pumpkin, feta & pine nuts)

Tuesday - you can't beat good old haloumi on chicken skewers, it's a family favourite with veggies

Wednesday - baked salmon served with Kemi's raw salad

All you need is a punnet of cherry tomatoes, capsicum, avocado, bunch of coriander, handful of macadamia nuts, 2tbs of Olive Oil, squeeze of lime, 1 chilli, 1 corn and a garlic.

To see how to make this recipe, see our You Tube clip below.

Kemi raw salad Dani Stevens

Thursday - Thai lamb cutlets with salad

Friday - my home made pizza's inspired by Jamie Oliver

Over the weekend - is our typical pantry surprise and/or left overs throughout the week


WHOOSH! Oh yeah, our weekend was jam packed! We have been madly renovating (finally our home has been painted after living here for 6 years) kids had their sports & activities and Adrian and I had a 40th birthday party on Saturday night. Our first kid free sleep in this year!

Talk about rushing around, this weeks going to be an exciting one again. From meetings in Melbourne to Sydney (I am so excited) kitchen renovations, to picking up and taking kids to school and after school activities, preparing dinner, spending time with our family and hey! I may even get a look in to be myself for a couple of minutes.

Tell me what you think about this awesome meal Tobie Puttock and I made last week which has inspired me to have this salad on our meal planner on Thursday night!

How about you? Does meal planning help you kick start your week?

Happy Monday!


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