The Vision Crusaders and Richard Branson

We have waited long enough don't you think? ;-) Remember this picture I sent out to the world wide web a couple of months ago?


Well, here he is. Sir Richard Branson himself replying back to ME and our team's original invitation. It's been 3 months in the making but we did it! You ALL helped me. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. This is HUGE xx

Richard Branson holds up a sign to me, Dani and the Vision Crusaders
"Dani, we support you and the
Vision Crusaders
Good Luck!
Richard Branson"


Is this not totally out of this world? To think, an ordinary Mother of 4 children in country Victoria Australia got the attention of the worlds most recognisable and influential men of the world!!! I have never jumped or screamed as loud as I did when I saw this picture on Instagram! Thank you Richard for replying back. I love you. Really, I do.

It was a dream come true followed by an article on his very own blog here.

Totally loving this picture of Richard as he signs off his support and even though he is unable to make the Brisbane ride this weekend, fingers crossed he comes to either the Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Auckland or Adelaide RTCC event!!!!


Richard Branson signs off his support to the Vision Crusaders 
THANK YOU for allowing me to reach my goal and creating the #richardbransonproject movement. You can view the pictures across all social media platforms and see some pretty amazing people and their creative signs.Your motivating and encouraging words kept me inspired every day to continue, this life changing journey I am about to embark.
6 rides, across 6 states, 12 days and 1200kms to raise as much money and awareness as we the Vision Crusaders embark on one amazing and epic ride to find a cure for cancer.
Dream big.
Much love & friendship,
Dani xx

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