The fun is over, back to reality!!!

Yes, our kids finally went back to school and as sad as I am at least I have our 2 girls to play with during the day!!!!

We had heaps of fun these last couple of days from beach hopping, to movies, play dates and shopping in Melbourne!!! Oh how I love to shop in Melbourne!!!

Here was my dilemma over the weekend when we went to a good friends wedding on Saturday.....I needed to brighten up my black dress and add a splash of colour!!!! These were my options.

Which colour do you think I chose?

I love staying in hotels and especially waking up to the breakfast buffet!!!!!

I ate pretty clean, managed to fit in all my workouts however did binge on some "non" clean food these past few days. However today is a brand new day and as my girlfriend said, it was the school holidays so I had to indulge more frequently than usual.

I also have to remember that I AM on a 10 week FYM challenge, so I didn't want that to hinder my progress, success etc....never mind another 4 weeks to go so I'll ensure I am a bit more diligent than usual.

Completed the workout from the Transformation Kit  and I don't know why but I am not a huge fan of the step ups!! Until I can get outside and do them properly on our bench, it's the sinking sensation I feel when I do it on our bed that annoys me. It's my only area to work out when it's wet and for the kids not to see me and jump around me!

180 Nutrition coconut protein shake

Mixed berry porridge with a dollop of natural yogurt

Morning snack
Granola AKA muesli bars

Mietta and I had all of these ingredients that we pulled out of the pantry and what do you think we made???

I'll post the recipe tomorrow and the outcome of our bars as I am ready to jump into bed, literally!!!

Salad sandwich

I was so happy that I got a sms from Celeste last night to go for a run as I managed to do a 3.8km "quick" run with a stitch again, which is totally annoying so I'll keep soldiering on!!! The run is in 22 days!! Gosh, that has gone quick!!!!

Afternoon snack
PWOS 180 Nutrition coconut protein shake
Feta basil dip with crackers and cucumber

Mushroom bolognese sauce served with raw brocollini

Ahhhh yes as for my shoes, they were the Elvis "blue suede" shoes. They just looked fab with my fluorescent tangerine nail polish.

Here's a snapshot of the past few days......

Over and out beautiful peeps, until we meet again.

Xx Dani

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