Re-energize, Revitalize: My New Year Kickstarter Secret

a9775fc5-7a96-42b2-b503-d63979a3efda Hi there - have you been indulging over the holidays too? I know I have - I left the cruise with a serious case of ‘buffet belly’! Of course, we all do a solid job of making smart eating choices throughout the year.

This month though, the family and I went on our glorious cruise and indulged in free-spirited holiday living. Each and every meal was a beautiful array of food. I love food! It was difficult to moderate portion size and resist temptation all the time. And, then, we had Christmas with its endless parade of pies and sweets. The kids ate well, I ate well - and, some days we ate all too much. I always tell my kids it is all about balance and moderation. It is ok to indulge during the holidays - but each day, we have to do our best to make healthy choices. Christmas comes once a year. It’s a celebration, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about indulging once in awhile.

I've decided to reset and recleanse for the New Year and teamed up with Urban Remedy - who offer a line of various cleanses (as suited to your needs) to help revitalize your body. Perfect! I need to get rid of the toxins and to allow my mind and body to recover and renergise. For me this means juicing, clean eating and keep moving!


You all know how I love smoothies and juices.  Juices and juice cleanses are fantastic because:

  • They are full of nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that can easily be absorbed into your tissues.
  • Because they kick into your system immediately, you will feel a very noticeable increase in energy
  • Juices allow you to get all the goodness from a large variety in an efficient manner.
  • A juice cleanse promotes weight loss and give your immune system a kick-start

But with all four kids on holiday and my hectic schedule, the last thing I want to do is be chopping, juicing and cleaning a variety day after day! I need a simple and convenient option to quickly get back on track. This is where Urban Remedy comes in - you choose the cleanse program you want for the easiest number of days for you, and Urban Remedy does the rest. They portion out what you need (typically 8 juices per day) and deliver it right to your front door. Best of all, because their juices are raw, cold-pressed and heat pasteurized, all the nutrients and retained in the bottle and freshly packaged.




Can’t get better than that! It’s important to remember the juice cleanse is not a ‘fast’ - we are not starving our bodies. We are resting and recharging. To be honest, it’s not always easy! I have buckled down on the first  day of a cleanse before, and have found myself reaching for a banana or a couple of nuts. Luckily, my cleanse will have me drinking eight juices a day - sometimes with as little as an hour between them. This shouldn’t be hard! I also love the sound of their Mother Tonic juice, which contains an appetite suppressant to make it easier. Just remember not to beat yourself up over it.

Join me and try it for yourself! We’re offering an exclusive discount for all Australian readers. For any cleanse lasting 3 or more days, use the code DRINKITOFF to get 10% off your order! Do it with me - we can help each other start the new year right.

Let’ get ready, reset and go into 2016 together!


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