The Amazing Elizabeth Holmes Putting Good Health In Everyone's Hands

Dream big, right? I am completely inspired by Elizabeth Holmes. Haven’t heard of her yet? You will…


If you love stories of young women who are innovative, motivated and so, so clever, you can follow her journey yourself on Twitter @eholmes2003.

Here’s 3 of the MANY reasons she makes me smile.

1. At the tender age of 30, she has already built a business that is so successful, it has made her the world’s youngest ever self-made female billionaire. I LOVE celebrating other people’s success. It makes me even more motivated to achieve my own goals!

Theranos was founded in 2003 to help streamline and standardise the way people can access blood tests – with the solution of creating an easy-to-use device that you hold in your hand. In places where health care is not in the budget of many people – it really puts good health in the hands of everyone. A little pin-prick and you can test for disease with just a tiny sample of blood. Brilliant!

2. Wellness and health is an everyday love affair for me and Elizabeth’s innovative business – Theranos – makes it easier to have a chance at that fairy-tale life of living happily ever after. What she created helps people know the status of their health and wellbeing before it's too late.

If you’re a regular here at, you’ll know I am passionate about living and eating well with a natural perspective, so I love that Elizabeth is just as passionate and making such a difference on health in a scientific way.  She is a game-changer!

3. In 2006, Holmes was recognized as one of Inc. magazine's "30 under 30" and in 2013, the product was named by Healthline as one of the 10 Top Medical and Technological Innovations. They are all amazing achievements but what makes me happy to know is that Elizabeth really walks the talk about good health and applies good living in her own busy lifestyle – she is a vegan and I’ve read that, several times a day, she fuels her body with a nutrient-packed concoction of cucumber, parsley, kale, spinach, romaine lettuce AND celery.

Yum! I have my own favourite version of the green smoothie too. You can check my recipe out here:

Green Smoothie Slider 2

One of THE best ways to get your body feeling refreshed, light and invigorated – and so many fabulous vitamins and other diet essentials so you know you are setting yourself up for an energetic day in style. I know I am sounding like a HUGE fan – but it’s because I am. And why not?

What an inspiring role model for the children in our lives too – in March this year Elizabeth was the youngest person ever to be honoured with a lifetime membership of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans. Watch this space, I say. Can you imagine what she is still yet to achieve in her life? How exciting! Scientific discoveries are beyond me but I am SO glad there are people like this inspiring woman in the world – aren’t you?

There are many layers to being healthy and well and they all need to work in conjunction with each other to get the best possible results. I’ll be the one here to remind you about putting healthy nutrition in your body – and to keep you excited about exercise too (especially now that summer’s on its way!) – and I’ll also keep sharing amazing people like this who are doing such fantastic things in the world of health and wellbeing.

Life is for living well, after all. Let’s look after each other!

Happy Monday!


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