Thankful Thursday... just breathe

Do you know when to stop? It seems to be on everyone's lips when I ask them "How are you?" BUSY!!!!

In this crazy world of ours, we are just running non-stop. Remember last years challenge #JustStopDani? Well it just occurred to me how important it is to know when to slow down and create space, as important as the food we eat and the way we move.

As you know we are moving our entire life to the Northern beaches of New South Wales and the count down is on. 30 days to be exact but who's counting! So things have been ultra hectic with renovations, running the kids to school and activities, packing and just getting a moment to breathe and be thankful for the situation we are in. It's been a long life dream of ours to move our young family to the coast where they can surf, play in the sun, be part of the local nippers and just have fun in the sun.

On the flip side I feel I have neglected our kids somewhat during this time with our schedules, working, organising and just general life obstacles. I am so thankful though that we have this little family pack to make one on one time each week.

I had such a wonderful moment with Noah yesterday when we spent some one on one time together. It's the most precious thing we can give each other... and I always work hard to spend quality time with each of our 4 kids. More than special treats, or toys or weekly rewards, we get out and do things - spending time together in the park, on our bikes, going to a movie, or simply downing tools and playing together.

Dani Stevens Noah Stevens

What was the last thing you did with someone else? Run crazy in the playground? Pound the beach? Go camping? It's so easy to get moving - and there's more than a little fun in numbers!

So today it's just me, and one of favourite quotes - letting you know just how thankful I am to have you by our side, cheering us on, and the spreading the #TeamDani love.

When life is sweet, say thank you and celebrate. And when life is bitter, say thank you and grow

Happy Thursday and please share your favourite quote and what you are thankful for.


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