Sydney was great but the Digital Parents harlem shake was a classic!!!

I am blown away!!!

WOW! That's all I can say. I have been to many conferences in my lifetime but this one takes the cake! So many amazing people from all walks of life in one room sharing one message. KINDNESS.

The opening speaker Jono Fisher was my highlight Wake Up Sydney which was all about celebrating kindness & courage within our community. We were given free kindness cards and a postcard to send to someone special (anonymously). It's the simple things like this that can make someones day. We tend to skip these kind gestures in our very hectic day to day lives, we just need to remind ourselves, strangers and those close to us that we can be kind in all that we do.

So many more details to fill you in on but I will do that over the next few posts. For now I wanted to let you know the eagle has landed safely.....

Avalon Airport flying Jet Star

Hey! I won for the very first time EVER!!! the major Microsoft prize at the conference. An HP envy tablet;

Picture source from Micrsoft Windows

Met some amazing people Klaus from 1st Available and Coralie from Mum Talks Austism. We have some amazing goals set in the near future and I am SOOOO excited and can't wait to share it with you all.

Friends forever 

How can I not mention my bestie Shari from Family Survival Coach

Super cool chick Shari

To end the conference with a BANG! we did this harlem shake performance.


We are in our final week of our Push Ups Greens challenge, can you believe we're up to 4 weeks? WOWZA!! Here is Zali and I doing some kiss push ups.

Here is a snap shot of our program this week. What have you noticed over the 4 weeks with your pushups?

Push ups challenge Week 4

Okay, I'm outta here until we meet again.....BTW have you ever won anything?


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