Swiss Ball STEPtember workout

STEPtember challenge Dani Stevens I have had to take things easy this month due to my foot injury as I haven't been able to do any high impact exercises. So I thought what better way than to incorporate a swiss ball and to lay on our back to reduce any pressure or discomfort.

For our final week 4 leg workout lets try this....


It looks pretty easy huh? Let me just warn you now that it takes a lot of core strength to perform these moves. This simple leg lift exercise will work the muscles in your calves, thighs and hips. Doing these on a regular basis will improve strength and coordination. As I mentioned, your abs will get a workout along with toning the legs.

Doing leg lifts with an exercise ball gives your leg and abdominal muscles a better workout because your body works to keep balanced in response to the instability of the exercise ball; those muscles you use to balance keep getting stronger. The exercise ball, or “Swiss” ball was developed in the 1960s and used in Switzerland for physical therapy. The balls are still used for therapy and for body ergonomics, but now have become a popular addition to home and commercial gym workouts.

Have you have ever modified your workouts when injured or do you take time out to recover? Do you own a Swiss ball?

Happy Friday!


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