Super soccer stars in the making

I know I always talk about me and my hopes and dreams but today it's about our kids. Particularly the boys. So, the big news is that we have this opportunity and… you know me, you thinketh and you believeth.... Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and because the kids see me achieve so many great things, they want to go for it in their own lives too!!! As a mum, that makes me feel super proud because it means they are looking up to me as a role model and, what parent doesn’t LOVE that feeling?

Raising kids is a HUGE responsibility and it’s so important that the language that you use with kids, and the life lessons you want them to learn are shared with positivity. Because my kids see me being active and entrepreneurial every day, they want to achieve awesomeness in their lives as well – that’s pretty cool. With the proper life skills to help them achieve anything they set their minds on, I know they’ll be able to give their own dreams a great shot at coming true.

So, the other day - while I was doing my 2 minute parkour micro MOVE action over at YOU-app - we filmed Noah and Oscar's #walkwithus experience which appeared in my Facebook feed sponsored by Telstra. The International Champions Cup presented by Audi is coming to Australia for the first time, and it's bringing three of the biggest names in European club football with it.

It's all about a dream.....and walking on the MCG field with their soccer heroes, (a dream to play really) with their dream team Real Madrid beside their fave player Cristiano Renaldo.

Our fingers are crossed that his video gets noticed and the energy they are exuding here at home reaches the social media gods out there. As their mother, I’m trying to make sure they have the best start possible so I've plastered it all over Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for them. As you do.

Go, Noah and Oscar!

Dani Stevens The International Champions Cup

What would you do for your kids to help them achieve their dreams? And if you don’t have kids – what did your parents do to help you?

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