Super quick cheat meals

So my lovely new cyber friend Shari at Your Family Survival Coach has started her first official day without sugar!!! Hooray! Good for you Shari, I am so glad you have made a decision to ban sugar, in your words you actually wrote:

"Big changes start for me round here tomorrow. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tomorrow sugar gets the "a double s" again, white gets replaced by brown and the less processed it is, the better. Need to stop treating".

I am so happy when I get comments like that, even my MIL has quit sugar for a week so far. It's amazing how much better people start to feel.

My day today was a whirlwind, it flew so quickly that I am even looking at my watch now and making sure I post this before my show starts ~ Revenge.

So I'll make this relatively quick.

No workout ~ day of rest

Pear and strawberry porridge with cinnamon and pecan nuts

As previously stated, I make my porridge on the stove top and add a can of pears including the juices, milk, sprinkle of cinnamon and this time I had some very sweet strawberries which I chopped and added to the mix. Absolute bliss!

1. Add strawberries to pear porridge 2. Mix until fluffy
3. Put in fridge container 4. Sprinkle with cinnamon
I tend to make a couple of batches of breakfasts at the beginning of the week so it keeps it different for the kids. We try to avoid the commercial cereals, however we do have Vita Brits. I use a square shallow plastic tub for my porridge as it's easier for me to fit in our fridge's shelving system. It's also very yummy served cold with a dollop of yogurt.

Morning snack
Yogurt with frozen fruit & nuts h
Hard boiled egg
Veggie sticks with hummus dip
2 poached eggs with steamed asparagus on x2 wholegrain bread
avocado dip with brown rice crackers

I try and cheat any way I can when I cook, as I am so time poor especially with the young ones around me in the kitchen ALL THE TIME!!! I normally take care with my poached eggs however this is my rushed version.
1. Crack egg in a ladle 
2. Gently place in simmering water (cook until desired consistency)
3. Meanwhile steam asparagus 
4. serve and enjoy!
We went out after lunch and didn't get back home until really late, so cheated with my dinner steps tonight as well....
Afternoon snack
Sugar free cookies x 4
take away latte
handful of nuts and dried fruit
x 1 banana
Chicken wrapped in proscuitto and feta served with Moroccan salad
This is for you Elise S ;-) as I am really bad at writing recipes.
Chicken tenderloins (seasoned with garlic, lemon and tarragon) 
Feta cheese
(Moroccan salad)
Lemon juice
Gently pan fry chicken in olive oil (I kinda poach them with the lid ontop)
Prepare your asparagus, eggplant and proscuitto
Lay proscuitto on a plate, place chicken and feta ontop
Wrap prosocuitto and place under griller for a few minutes until feta melts
Super quick in 15 minutes rather than the traditional one I do in the oven with raw chicken, which takes around half an hour.  Yes, I know oven baked may be that little bit more healthier but I use olive oil and paper towels to drain any excess fat on the chicken, asparagus and eggplant.
Moroccan salad
While the chicken parcels were in the griller I quickly pan fried the asparagus and chopped egg plants, tossed them with spinach and tomatoes, squeezed some lemon and sprinkled some cumin. Super quick and very tasty! Got the Moroccan theme from the meatballs we had yesterday :-)
Well I do hope you all had a fabbo day and please go check out my dear friend Shari from Your Family Survival Coach as she has some amazing tips for us family peeps managing a household, budget, general tips, food and anything else she survives in her day.
Until we meet again. XxDani

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