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Hi all, just a quick note to let you know I will update my FOOD tab beside my Home, About Me, Fitness etc (under my header)....with all our 2 week Sugar Free challenge info.

For now here is a snap shot as well;

2 week sugar free challenge ~ 2nd to 15th July 2012
So far we have 2 teams;

Fruits of life 

Dani (me)

Adrian (my husband) that's why I love him!
Shaboo (FYM)
Anita (FYM)
Kia (FYM)
Music Monkeys
Jana (FYM

Sugar-less babes



Nicole (FYM)
Sheri (FYM)

Michelle (FYM)
Karen (FYM)
Kathy (FYM)

NB: if I have missed your name pls add a comment below and I will edit this post. Also if you would like your christian name to appear, send me your details for now I am using your blogger name.

The rules of this challenge are simple. It's based on a honesty system, so if you cheat you are only doing it to yourself. 

Fruits of life 

we are not to have any foods that have added sugar of any kind. This also includes the added natural sugars eg: honey, maple syrup, agave etc.... If it has added sugar of any kind, we won't be eating it. This also applies to any and ALL artificial sweeteners

Sugar-less babes 

you are allowed to have the natural sugars eg: honey, maple syrup (and those of you that need 1 tsp sugar in your coffee) this is only allowed once a day. Can you imagine if you had a coffee, then a smoothie, plus fruit and other foods that have natural sugars etc.... you really wouldn't be doing a sugar free challenge then would you?

Both teams are allowed:
  • 4 servings of fruit per day*
  • Ensure you have a smoothie per day to combat our cravings and also to keep our energy levels up!

*Fruit serve examples: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 orange etc...
Dried fruit serve examples: 4 dried apricots, small handful of sultanas etc..

I think it is also important for us to have a smoothie per day to curb any sugar withdrawal symptoms so please share your most favourite ones.

Here are some of mine:

Yogurt or milk with 1 cup of spinach then I add either a:

1/2 cup berries
chia seeds
protein powder

This smoothie would count as 2 serves of fruit for the day, therefore I am allowed 2 more fruits. Get what I mean?

Our main goal is to GIVE UP the added sugars in the ingredient list. Don't worry about the % of sugar found per grams so when shopping please check there IS NO ADDED SUGAR! This includes your tomato sauce AKA ketchup!


1). Remove any food items you may have around your house that contain sugar. I typically put sugary foods in a box hidden so I avoid any temptation ;-) these are mine at the moment

2). Be prepared with food. Always prepare or carry relatively healthy snacks and ensure you eat before you go out anywhere. 

3). Try to eat as clean as you can

4). Eat 5 meals per day eg: bfast, snack, lunch, snack & dinner

5). Jump online here or on my FB page if you are struggling so we can help one another

6). Get out and exercise. If you're feeling stressed do some star jumps, resistance training, cardio, go for a run whatever you like/enjoy doing

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7). Give me some of your handy tips to prepare for our 2 week sugar free challenge

8). It would be worth while to measure yourself eg: hips, waist and those of you that have a muffin top ;) this is around your belly button. This will be more powerful than the number you weigh on your scales but feel free to stat those down as well. It's amazing how many cm's & inches are lost in 2 weeks. You will be amazed!!!

Let the games begin.....on Monday of course!!! ;-)))))


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