'Step'tember Challenge

Spring has sprung which means another challenge here at DaniStevens.com. You ready to get your legs toned and tanned ready for Spring? This month we will be working out our legs (which will include our thighs and glutes) and what's even better to keep you motivated, I will be uploading weekly videos on Fitness Friday to show you exactly how I am working out. PLUS there will be loads of weekly giveaways this month. So tag your leg workout pictures with our #teamdani to increase your chances of winning in social media land. For those that haven' t had a chance to register for the #teamdani D Mag subscription yet, click here in order to be apart of the giveaways in September.

I will be uploading videos every Friday to demonstrate our leg workouts for the following week but for this week, I thought I would post today.



Stand in front of a step, chair or bench and place your left foot on the step (a). Push your body up until your left leg is straight (b). then return to start. Repeat with right leg, and continue alternating. Step ups are done in more of a slow to medium controlled form and toe taps as fast as you can within 30 seconds x 2 reps.


Place your rear foot on a chair, and have your lead foot slightly infront of you. Keep your core and glutes tight, take a medium to long step forward and slowly lower yourself through your leading knee until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Your leading knee should not come past your toes. Once the thigh is parallel to the ground, push yourself back up using the lead leg, and then repeat the same motion as many within 30 seconds x 2 reps.

Increase your steps in September!

  • schedule a walking meeting
  • purchase a pedometer or download an app to keep track of your steps
  • stand up at your desk while talking on the phone
  • remove the bin from your desk so you have to walk to the next bin
  • stand and take a break from your computer every 30 minutes
  • eat lunch away from your desk
  • get up off the couch and walk around the house during the TV ad breaks
  • pack a picnic or the cricket set and take your family to enjoy one of the many picturesque park and gardens around your beautiful city

Keep up with your regular fitness regime throughout the week. This is just a bonus workout you and I can do on your rest days!

You in?



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