Squat challenge and fun times beside our pool with no water!

Heat wave or what? That's what's happening at our place! Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher so thank you pool company for pushing our pool completion date to February 2013. Not! You won't get us down!!!! Here's one way we're keeping cool this summer!
Other than that, no major news here. Besides Oscars prep orientation and Xmas concert this week, we've been laying low. A few play date catch ups here and there, throw in our Burlesque fancy dress engagement party this weekend, my sister in law and I caught up today and got cracking with my outfit. I already have a corset style bodice so we thought a plain black tutu, fish net stockings etc....would do the trick! You know the drill. I lerrrrrv fancy dress up parties, we even have one in a few weeks and I'm dressing up as my all time favourite pop star/singer! Can't wait!!!!
Burlesque outfit in the making
Eating relatively well besides some laminations today, so I'm back to square one with my no sugar attempt. I really want to make this happen especially with our #Xmas25squats challenge kicking off on 1st December.
I am really excited and super happy with everyone's response and participation via Instagram, Facebook and my blog. I encourage those that aren't on Instagram to go create an account as its another awesome way of being connected to various people around the globe and sharing the same goal and simply using the hash tag and typing #Xmas25squats. You can see everyone who's giving squats a go! Remember a picture is worth a thousand words! I love it!!!
Squat challenge
I have also encouraged those that wish to share their before and after shots over the 25 day challenge, as they are truly powerful testimonials. I don't believe in the scales, the tape measure is more accurate with cm's and inches lost as well as outfits you are trying to wear comfortably again. I'll be posting mine, so we can compare the difference between lazing on the couch vs clean eating, regular exercise PLUS 25 squats per day!!
Also for those Fit Yummy Mummy's participating in the 21 day holiday hottie challenge starting next Monday 3/12 this is just another way for us to encourage one another and add some extra butt lift ;-) leave me a comment if you will be taking part of the holiday hottie challenge and/or squat challenge. Alternatively on our Personal Journals at the club.
Any non-FYM's are also more than welcome to trial the Fit Yummy Mummy program as my link offers 50% off the fat loss ebook and includes 30 days free at Clubfym. It's a great try before you buy offer as I'm sure you won't be disappointed after seeing results within a couple of weeks. I am a monthly paying Clunfym member and for 24x7 support, various workout programs, meal planners, menu ideas and heaps more resources, $19.95 per month is a small price to pay for my health!
Toasted home made muesli with yogurt & strawberries
Morning snack
180 Nutrition coconut protein powder with yogurt & fruit
Ham, cheese and tomatoe sandwiches
Afternoon snack
2 mini lamingtons (without jam)
Pork & veal mini burgers (on bruschetta) served with long green beans and tomato cucumber salad
Looking forward to reading your comments and thanks so much for following me. It's my mission to share my tips/strategies/recommendations to a fit and healthy lifestyle! 
Xx Dani

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