Spring festivals, luncheons and fun times ahead

I tell you, when the sun comes out to play we are all fully charged and ready to go!!! It's amazing! How wonderful do you feel when the rays beam down on you and the sun kisses your skin with a bit of vitamin D action. Bliss I tell you, simply heavenly!!! Yes, I love the sunshine. I love the beach, the water and anything to do with fun in the sun. My Serbian-Croatian genes have blessed me with olive skin and half of my children (Oscar and Zali) so whenever the sun is out, you will find us there. I should mention we are sun smart and take precaution when out in the sun for long periods of time. Having said that, I don't panic nor do I slip slop slap when they're out for just half an hour as I strongly believe that big yellow sun does good for us, like I said longer sessions out in the sun of course wear a hat, SPF30 etc....

We had a beautiful Spring day today. Look who's got a spring in their step!!!!!

Spring racing carnival and festivities 

Today we went to Spring Fest and it was such a beautiful day. The kids hardly ever have......

Fairy floss

and being the cool Mum that I am (smiling with a large grin) surprised them with one each. Mind you I asked the lady to make them small sizes as I think my kids would bounce off the walls with that much of a sugar hit in one go!!! They simply were gob smacked. Enjoy kids 'cos you won't be having any until next year! HA!

Of course what's a festival without a bit of face painting.....

Tiger and dinosaur face painting

Talking about sugar, I have been doing pretty well beside a stellar of an ANZAC biscuit I had at a play date with a wonderful family we have recently met. I must admit, I typically smash these types of cookies but I too, had to stop at one. Hang on! I think I had 2....nevertheless I did recommend the awesome Teresa Cutter ANZAC alternative recipe for them to try should they want to venture down the "no added" sugar path.

So what did I do yesterday? I baked them :-) however I substituted them with the fabulous 180 Nutrition coconut protein powder, mixed half oats and blended walnuts in fine flour and they came out SENSATIONAL!!!! We even spread peanut butter and placed fruit on them. Kids thought they'd make an Anzac tower.

Anzac biscuits

My fitness has kicked back in so I do my 15 minutes resistance Fit Yummy Mummy exercises and loving the Transformation Kit workouts. I can't believe this is our final 10th week of our challenge. It has gone by real quick and I am so happy that I was able to maintain my fitness and even though have had roadblocks with my neck and back, I have been able to eat clean most of the time.

Which reminds me, I need to buy me some new kini's this summer. We are at our final pool stage where the glass fencing needs to be installed, quartz sprayed, put the water in and whalla! Adrian has just finished off our outdoor shower.

Check out this handsome man, not only do I love him for his good looks but he is such a handy man! He amazes me every day how he knows how to do this kinda stuff (jack of all trades) when he hasn't got qualified skills. I am truly blessed.

Who needs a pool, when you have an outdoor shower??? Kids had their first shower this afternoon in the sun....

Outdoor shower

Signing off now my beautiful friends, thanks so much for making time to come and read my blog. It makes my day when I hear from you. When I don't, I just don't blog. KIDDING!!! Just been under the pump but will get back into the regular swing of things real soon.

Oh yes, I look forward to sharing with you my Melbourne Cup ensemble on Tuesday. Looking forward to a lovely day with the girls followed by dinner afterwards.

Xx Dani

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