Sleeping makes you happy PLUS Zali turns 4

BOOM! Two birthdays back to back and what an awesome day Zali's 4th birthday was yesterday. The sun was shining and it was a lovely 25C degree winters day, life doesn't get any better than this. I managed to get out first thing in the morning and did a return bike trip into Kingscliff which is just shy of 6kms. Zali Stevens 4th birthday

We had such a fun day and all she wanted to do was scooter ride on her new purple micro scooter. We killed two birds with one stone as I am adamant to complete my 10,000 steps per day since getting my new UP3 wearable. However I have some sad new, it's not recording my sleep or heart rate properly. I have tried resetting it and the Jawbone support staff have been totally amazing and have recommended I return it ASAP. Fingers crossed I get a replacement quick smart as I am totally hooked on this tech gadget.



Zali's Chocolate cheese cake

We basically followed the Philadelphia cream cheese recipe on the pack with my healthy twist! Instead of the butter, we substituted it with coconut butter. Also the base instead of using chocolate ripple biscuits I blitzed walnuts, almonds and macadamia nuts with toasted desiccated coconut.

Then! Instead of the full cream we used coconut cream and dark chocolate. All in all great little cheese cakes as everyone had a glass each.

Then the kids got all creative as they have been watching "Hot Plate" and presented dessert with crushed chocolate cookies and raspberries. GOLD!!!!


Heyyyyy! How's your sleep been lately? Did you know that 65% of us have trouble sleeping? Sleep is one of the most vital elements to a healthy lifestyle. The benefits of a good night's sleep are endless.....

- Less stress - Increased energy level - Restores our memory - Weight Management - More creativity

Plus sleepy people make mistakes and have accidents, are more stressed and get sick and also more likely to have health and weight issues. I reckon they get more wrinkles too but shhhh that's our secret okay cos' I have been waking up with bright and rejuvenated skin lately, I'm sure it's the 7-8hrs I have been getting!!!

Sleep Challenge Dani Stevens

So for us peeps that sleep regularly (between 7-8hrs per night) we feel more energised and are happier and healthier! So go on! Get to bed early tonight. It's never too late to register for our awesome slumber giveaways this month to help incentivise you to sleep more.

Sweet Dreams ? XxDani


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