Shopping for your body shape

Today was an unreal day. I had such a great time shopping with Kelly. She's going out with the girls tomorrow night and asked if I could help her piece together some looks and refresh her wardrobe style.

So after my morning of household duties and fitting in a collage with the kids, we went shopping....

Mietta and Oscar designing their collage. Who knew contact would turn into artwork?

Home made muesli with banana, strawberries and walnuts
2 pieces of wholemeal toast with coconut butter

Morning snack
Protein balls
Mix almond meal with coconut protein powder, blend with dates and roll in desiccated coconut. Chill until set.

left over lasagna, in the car on my way......


I LOVE to style people and bring back the confidence in them!!!

Now styling is all about your body shape, personality and what colours look good on you. Always keep in mind your body shape and how certain colours and designs can enhance your figure as well as compliment your contours but hide the muffin top at the same time. 

Trust me, I had all the "cover up" solutions for a muffin top; 

  1. Grandma underwear that stretched up over my belly up to my bra 
  2. Belly bands
  3. Girdles that sucked me in that much I couldn't breath and 
  4. Layers, layers and more layers to cover the bump or bulge from my underwear, jeans and where my top tucked in 

All this hard work just to "cover up" the unnecessary baggage I was holding onto. For what? That block of chocolate, packet of chips, fizzy drinks or the couch I sat on every night wondering why I was so unfit and not motivated to make a change etc... It was too hard!!! Being healthy and fit, is hard work. If it were easy we would all be sitting on the couch stuffing our faces with chocolate as we looked down upon our glorious 6 pack! :-)))) ha aha 

Back to shopping.....

It's also very important to dress for the occasion. Being over dressed makes you feel uncomfortable and under dressed awkward, so finding that in between place is always a safe way to start! So we basically started with the jeans, tops, jacket and then shoes. We decided to go bright, so bough a pair of coloured jeans (also a pair of classic black jeggins as a back up for another occasion). Throw in a bit of animal print and stripe tops, black leather jacket with some gorgeous ankle boots, we had this Mama looking funky!!! Added some accessories to finish off her look below.

I hope you have a great night out Kelly!!!

This look has been taken from one of my favourite online stores Birdsnest 

Afternoon snack
Yogurt with cherries

Quick 5 mins

No workout today ~ day of rest

I hope you had a fabulous Friday and see you tomorrow xxDani

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