School's back! Plus join our No Added Sugar challenge.

School's back! The time has come where we are dropping off the munchkins once again for their learning time and our relaxing time! I miss mine like crazy when they are at school but I know it gives me the time to do my thing! More importantly it gives me extra time to prepare and cook some wonderful meals - and this is where my Monday Meal Planner helps! Remember, no extra hands now that the kids are at school so let's be super organised together and have some fun with these delicious recipes! Plus these meals have No Added Sugar to help with our challenge this month.

I have been a little too relaxed over the summer holidays especially indulging with the kids and eating ice-creams and all the other yummy foods when we were dining out.

This month I promise;

To have NO chocolate (unless I get some on Valentines Day)

Eat no ice-creams unless they’re my own less sugar

Eat no lollies or sweet biscuits

Avoid packaged foods that have more than 8g of sugar per serve on the label

Drink no soft drinks (I am pretty good at this one so really not a hard one for me)

To allow a treat meal once per week, like a Pana chocolate less refined added sugar

There you have it! Now leave me yours below and let’s help each other by tagging our recipes in social media with #NASwithDani enjoy this weeks meal planner.


Breakfast Dani’s Quick Fruit Smoothie

Snacks Dani’s cranberry carrot cake

carrot cranberry cake

Lunch Tuna Rice Salad

Dinner Chicken Burgers with Lupin Flakes and Haloumi Cheese Salad


Breakfast Spinach Protein Pancakes


Snacks Cherry Ripe Slice

Lunch French (multi-grain) toast club sandwiches (spinach, smoked ham & parmesan)

Dinner Fish Tacos


Breakfast Popeye smoothie

Snacks Sweet Potato Brownies

Lunch   Chicken soup with “knedle” semolina dumplings


Dinner Home Made Pizza


Breakfast Banana Date Chia Pudding

Snacks  Fruit salad soup with coconut yoghurt

Lunch 2 poached eggs with steamed asparagus on x2 wholegrain bread


Dinner Spaghetti Marinara


Breakfast Immune Boosting Green Smoothie


Snacks Chocolate and Hazelnut Muffins

Lunch   Tuna salad sandwiches

Dinner Ginger and Turmeric Aromatic Rice

Another week, another planner! Have fun with it and please tag #TeamDani with your version of my recipes this week so I can try it too. I love trying new things and incorporating funky new flavours to my dish just to make it a little more exciting and a little different! Never be afraid to experiment. Good  luck with this months No Added Sugar challenge and please allow your weekly treat days (especially on Valentine's Day) as we all need to balance the good and the bad. Tag your recipes #NASwithDani.

Happy Monday!

Xx Dani

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