School holiday fun and clean eating treats!

So today was chill out day as far as no workout required or rather my 15 minute Fit Yummy Mummy resistance training. Which reminds me.....the chin up bar is on hold until I get my Docs okay. So please anyone else wanting to do this October challenge with me, check with your doc and get an okay before trying anything new.  Still getting a huge workout though with the 4 kids over the school holidays!!! Sheesh!! They are keeping me  v.e.r.y  busy!!!!!

Breakfast Wholegrain flakes with banana, blueberries, strawberry and walnuts

During the school holidays we have been doing a little bit of everything from play dates, running in the park, crafts and painting!!!! Oscar was very inspired when he went to his Baba's AKA Grandmother's place the other day and made comment:

"Baba, is this a Jackson Pole-ack painting?"

I nearly fell off my chair, firstly because I thought he said something so hilarious until I saw my Mums jaw drop and she said:

"Yes Oscar, that's a Jackson Pollock inspired painting I did".

Here is Oscar all smiles at my Mums place in front of her paintings and the other 3 frames are Oz creating his own Jackson Pollock masterpiece.

Jackson Pollock inspired art

Method Dob or splash a little paint on some paper that is lined inside a tray. Place a golf or ping pong ball and roll away!!!! You learn something new everyday!!! Oscar showed me how he does art at his Kinda!!

Morning snack Banana bites

We have loads of bananas at our place!!! $2.99 per kilo so I got a few....anyways, these were real quick, easy and simple to make with the kids as a sweet treat! I sliced the bananas, while they spooned the peanut butter, sprinkled the cacao and coconut. They love eating this kinda stuff and say;

"It's amazing how sweet this is Mum, it doesn't even need sugar!"

Bless their little hearts! Lunch Salmon salad

I love having left overs especially salmon, throw in any veggies or salad (I had spinach, mushrooms and capsicums) and made a real quick seeded mustard dressing by simply adding more vinegar and yogurt to the seeded mustard! We caught up with friends this afternoon and went to the park to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, so we had fruit at the part but my kids were still hungry when we got home.... Afternoon snack Fruit salad, crackers and dip with tuna tomato and cream cheese

Dinner Mini meatloaf with greek garden salad

When I am pushed for time (or slack really to fry or bbq) I simply bake! Pop things in the oven and leave them to their own device. Sorry these guys don't look the best, however I (WE) can assure you they are super tasty!!! Same concept as my other meatloaf recipe when I do both meals at once. So I did the mini meatloaf as well as cooked Thursday nights dinner, meatballs.

Ingredients 500g beef mince and 500g pork mince 2 eggs 1 onion diced 2 carrots grated 1 fresh beetroot grated handful of fresh parsley and mint *seasoning, curry powder, cumin, coriander, oregano S&P

NB: I seriously go a little silly sometimes and throw in all these spices cos I love them all!!!!

Toppings I just mixed some seeded mustard with tomato paste and sprinkled cheese and placed a mushroom in each mini meatloaf. You can experiment with whatever ingredients you have in your fridge.

Method Combine all ingredients and spray muffin tin with olive oil and place meat inside muffin tray. Place toppings of your choice. Left over mix, roll up into meatballs and also cook at the same time as mini meatloaves in a lightly greased casserole dish! Once the meatballs are cooking, I also pour a passata type tomato cooking sauce and add fresh basil or whatever herbs I have handy so the flavours all cook at the same time in the oven.

Well my lovely people, I hope you are having a sensational start to this week and I so look forward to meeting with you again soon. Much love.

Xx Dani


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