Saturday running group

Well it happened again. Very frustrating. I have a few tips up my sleeve for next time though (thank you to those that have made their recommendations). I am determined to condition my body to running....and not stopping to hold my arm up and stretch out this stitch. Seriously! I gave birth to 4 children no problem, a stitch comes along and I buckle.

On a positive note, I have registered for the Ballarat Fun Run so anyone interested, let me know as I'd love to go running with you. Our running team will be going so it will be fabulous to have a support group and familiar faces there. Even if they run ahead of me, I don't mind as long as I don't stop and strike this stitch pose!!!!

Here's a snap shot of my morning;

1. Warm up with Rodney and Marita (taken by Celeste)
2. The stitch pose (arm up whilst running & taking a photo mind you!)
3. I had to stop due to the pain, the running group became small ants
4. I was determined to catch up with them and I did!!! YAY!!! Approx. 3km run

Pre run
Toast with honey

Post run
Vanilla protein shake (with water)

I came home and jumped in the shower while Adrian aka love of my life (LOMF) took our 3 children to soccer, Zali stayed at home with me sleeping, my sleeping beauty.

Choc banana porridge (oats, milk, banana, chia seeds, cocoa powder, walnuts & vanilla bean paste)

I had to blitz my breakfast this morning as once again my throat has flared up, so this went down nicely. Thanks to Teresa and her latest smoothie recipe which gave me the idea to blend my choc banana porridge.

Here's my sleeping beauty when she woke up from her sleep this morning. Nice and quiet at home while the others were at soccer. A bit of 1-on-1 Zali and Mama time!!!

Morning snack
Yogurt and kiwi fruit

My gang arrived home from soccer and Noah's "Mercedes" team won 7-0 (Noah scored 3 goals) pretty great effort! We all had lunch together before the love of my life headed down to our beach house in Lorne for further renovation work, with his Dad and bro. He's back tomorrow. I'll show pics of the before and afters very soon. 

Plated bruschetta dish

I didn't have my main bruschetta ingredient basil, so I just used my other green leaves & herbs, tomatoes, capers, hot salami, boccocini, olive oil, S& P and later drizzled balsamic vinegar (forgot to take a picture of that version). Kids and Adrian had them in wholemeal bread sandwiches. As you know I struggled with my throat today, so didn't want anything toasted scraping down my already very inflamed throat!!! :( Hence the name "plated" bruschetta :-))))

Afternoon snack
Latte with sugar free choc chip cookies (compliments of Jayne)

My appetite hasn't been the greatest with this sore throat and this went down well, as I tend to dip things into my milky drinks. Gross I know. Bad habit of mine, since I was a kid. Our kids have been sooooo good so my girlfriend did say for them to have these once we finished our sugar free challenge. Very yummy and will buy them next time. For my local readers you can find these biscuits at Wilsons they are called Sugar Free Choc Chip Cookies by gullon

We had some fun activities this arvo with play dough and Back To The Future part I and II  was playing in the background. Kids love the hover skate board in part II!!! Little Miss Mietta even had a quick snooze.

Sleeping beauty Mietta 

Also popped in to see my SIL to wish her a happy birthday this afternoon. The kids had a great time. Especially eating all the cakes and sweets!!! Ahem!!! Yes me too okay, that's where my old habit kicks in. As I said, we have so many catch ups, birthdays, functions etc....I'd be eating this stuff 24x7. Hence me trying to kick this sugar habit and just plan for them once a week.

Which reminds me, our beautiful kids gave me the night off. They cooked dinner.

Green salad, beetroot, avocado spread with fish fingers (featuring Skylanders!!!!)

I hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday, we had a ball!!!! See you all tomorrow XxDani

PS: push up UPDATE ****officially can do one**** just struggling to pull myself on the 2nd one. I'll try and vlog it tomorrow so you can see where I am coming from but please don't laugh!!!! :-))))) 

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