Run like the wind


I got to tell you something. I am not a runner. I have tried to run but did the walk thing when I was too puffed out and really didn't enjoy it. Gave up and I now know why I don't like running, it's because I am not good at it. So I am going to change that.

This song absolutely got me pumped this morning Ride Like The Wind ~ Christopher Cross or if you're from a younger generation you may have heard it on the movie Joe Dirt well.......

I have set myself a goal before I turn 40 (can't wait for 2014!!!!) that I will run a mini marathon. For now I won't push myself to commit to a 20km run. But hey! 5km mini fun runs, if you're out there, I'll be there as soon as I perfect this running craft.

As you may be aware I am a pretty determined and committed kinda soul and when I set my mind on something, I usually give it 100%.

So my 100% this morning was getting out of bed and putting on my runners. Even if it was only 0.8C degrees!!! My girlfriend Celeste put me onto a social running group and I thank her dearly. Today only reinforced one thing in my mind YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO!!!

My initial experience this morning wasn't a pleasant one. I got a stitch 500m into our run (mind you I was placed in the slow running "oranges" team and they were ahead of me!). Now I can hear you laughing, as was I!!! It was hilarious! although a tad embarrassing as well. BUT!!!! I was THAT determined to do the 1.5km lap without stopping, that I held onto the side of my waist with my right arm up, taking deep breaths and kept running!!! I looked absolutely ridiculous but you know what? I didn't care.....

Remember my earlier post I cant believe I did a workout about Nikes' slogan "JUST DO IT" well I did it!! I went around the second time (after I stopped my first lap to stretch and walk off my stitch, which didn't work mind you) but I was determined even if I was running like a oompa loompa with my hand supporting my stitch, that I would run this 1.5km circuit without stopping. And I did. My first ever 3km run (yeah I know it wasn't a continuos loop) but you know where I'm coming from.

What's something you don't like doing because you're not good at it?

Enjoy this fabulous Saturday and I look forward to returning again to post my food for the weekend xxxDani

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