Run Ballarat fun run and meeting Steve Moneghetti

Hi everyone, it's been a pretty hectic couple of days. From Mietta's birthday to my first ever fun run, it was amazing!!!

Here is Adrian and I, ready to rock and roll at 7:30am. Adrian kicked off at 7:40am for his 11km run while I stuck around and went to do my 6km at 8:20am.

Mr Adrian & Mrs Daniela Stevens

Of course, minutes after I completed the run which took me 37 minutes (yes I ran 5kms with a flippin' stitch!!!) I saw Steve Moneghetti's at the finish line and thought here is my opportunity to take a picture with one of the worlds most famous and legendary Olympians!!! I did it just for you, my beautiful blog readers! Most certainly I did it for myself as well. My first official fun run, was most definitely a day I will mark off as being a memorable one!

Olympic legend Steve Moneghetti and Dani Stevens

My beautiful friend Anita made it all the way from Melbourne and she too completed the 11km run with Adrian (he did it in 55mins). I am so proud of the both of them and especially Adrian for doing his first fun run (no training by the way) with me also. The Ballarat Base Hospital raised over $160,000 which is a phenomenal amount, I can't wait to do another one!!!

Anita, me and Adrian

Which reminds me, we got chatting and I think I am going to do a marathon before I turn 40!!!??? That's right people, you heard it here first! Or maybe I wrote it on Facebook, or hang on was it Instagram? Anywho, I am so pumped and really want to do this the year I turn 40. So I figure if I train for the half marathon next year at Great Ocean Road well then that will prep me for the big 40km and run a kilometre for each year I was born. Gosh I am sentimental or rather mental? One way or the other, I am determined and I hope to get this stitch under control otherwise I 'aint running in this much pain, what for?

Oh yes, before I go I must share this huge front cover page of our local newspaper. Can you guess who it is???

The Ballarat Courier Run Ballarat front page featuring Dani Stevens

I was pretty stoked!!! I would like to give a special thank you to all the crew at The Courier, the lovely Serena, Fiona, Jeremy and Andrew the editor, for featuring me in Saturdays newspaper. You're the best!!

Thanks everyone for reading, following and for all your love and support. It means the world to me!!!

Xx Dani

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