RACV Romantic Royal Pines Getaway

When you get invited to visit the Gold Coast at the tail end of a Victorian Winter, you jump at the opportunity. This place is heavenly. It's only a 2hr flight from Melbourne and when you arrive, you don't want to leave. Having said that if you are chasing the salt water, a shuttle bus can drop you off and pick you up from the beach! Here's what I loved about this place... Upon arrival my birthday boy, who photo bombed his surprise b'day weekend (btw thanks for keeping it a secret here) was all smiles when we checked in. What a sensational way to kick off the weekend than freshly squeezed fruit juices. Eat your heart out with a very berry, watermelon, rockmelon, orange and pineapple juice!


Fitness I love a good view when working out :-) Fitness One has amazing facilities for any fitness level.


While I was working out a sweat, Adrian was driving a few down the fairway.


Food Then you get to check out all the other cool stuff here and dine in their glorious restaurants from Japanese to Videre and what an amazing experience this was. Our waiter James took us on a journey from Paris to Italy, Belgium, New Zealand and back to Australia. Truly an experience both Adrian and I will never forget. We learnt so many things and the one that stood out the most, is how important your palette is when eating and experiencing cuisine and wines. Ohhhh... how beautifully they compliment one another.

This was the winner dish at Videre Restaurant on the Executive Level, this scrumptious snapper with caviar chives sauce!


Videre from the Latin word meaning;

"to see, to perceive, to look"

"to observe, to note"

"to understand, to comprehend"

"to consider, to reflect upon"

"to look out for, to see to, to care for, to provide, to make sure"

I can tell you now this was a win-win situation, all of the above was experienced with both staff and patron at this restaurant! Hats off to ALL the staff at this amazing resort, you made us feel so special and your GM would be very proud!

What's a birthday weekend away without the birthday boy having his cake and eating it too!!! Served with a bonus Belgium coffee experience. Happy Birthday my darling husband, I look forward to celebrating many more with you.

Bday boy

Overlooking our balcony we couldn't help but think how much our kids will love it here next time we visit. Just check out their playground nestled amongst the pine trees.

Kids playground

Not to mention how much fun they will have splashing at the pools.


But this was a romantic weekend away for my darling husband Adrian, super relaxing weekend for Mum and Dad of 4 kids. We truly loved every minute of it and especially the 90 minute pampering session at One Spa, which felt like walking into heaven.


Then of course, you don't get to go away to the Pine Resort without meeting these amazing people. Guess the 2 people I end up interviewing and can't wait to feature on Dani Stevens.com?

1. Trevor Hendy - Worlds Greatest Iron Man Champion

2. Wendell Sailor - Australia's Rugby Union & League Extraordinaire

3. Harry Kewell - International Superstar Soccer Legend

4. Jo Stanley - Australian television and radio personality Comedian, Radio


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Much love and friendship,


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