ROCK-tober!!!!! CHIN UP challenge! You in?

Busy! busy! busy! The last few days, WHOOSH!!!! I need to relax and breathe......aaaahhhhhh....all good and coping well, kinda, sorta. The neck is still not 100% so going to get it checked out again in the morning.

1 week down of school holidays (well 2 really as Oscar has 3 weeks!) and 1 to go! Many activities and things booked in so we are on the go! Constantly!!!!!



I can't do ONE so my challenge for the month of October and would love your participation, is how many chin ups can you do in ONE MONTH????? It starts today and it doesn't matter if you do one today and then 5 tomorrow, add them all up and let's telly them at the end of the month. What do you think????

Here is my new $13 investment which I purchased at Big W on the weekend and fits on any standard door!!!!

Chin up bar

My little champions, were the first ones to experiment and loved every minute of it. I didn't push myself as I still have my neck prob however I did give myself a little lift but being an amazon of nearly 6' I can simply reach my hand up on the bar and just hop up on it! So I will need to really lift or bend my legs when I start getting serious on this. I am very excited and nervous at the same time.

I am still on my mission for my dumbbells, so I will let you know how I go there as well.

Apple cinnamon porridge with fruit salad

Completed my FYM workout and this week my workouts change in the Transformation Kit  as we approach our 5th week in the challenge, it's a 5-8 week TRI SETS program!!! I love them!!!! They keep me really challenged especially the close grip push ups as I am hopeless at those, hoping the chin up upper body strength building will help me with my personal challenge.

Running "Run Ballarat" fun run update 
Didn't get a look in this weekend with my Mum staying, so I will make more of a conscious effort this week to build that part of my fitness regime. The run is 3 weeks away, which reminds me I HAVE 2 BIRTHDAYS to plan as well!!! What da? Yes, Mietta turns 3 on the Saturday before the fun run and Adrian turns 37 the day after the run!!!! Told you we have a ROCKING month ahead of us!!!! 

Morning snack AKA PWOS (post workout shake)
180 Nutrition coconut protein shake
1 banana

This is the most filling protein drink I have ever had, you just feel the fullness after tasting all the natural ingredients in your mouth. I need to add a splash of water into my cup to rinse out all the goodness in my mouth and not just wash it down the sink!

We were out and about with the kids this morning and came back home for some lunch only to head out again.....busy.....busy.....

Avocado egg and tomato club sandwiches

Any sandwich that has a toothpick in it, my kids love to refer them to club sandwiches. It's hilarious! They love eating what I eat so I simply make it just fun for them. My 2 sandwiches looked like this...

I added some feta cheese with mine as well and kept munching on fresh cucumbers as well.

Afternoon snack
Fresh fruit salad

For those that ask how I plan my meals for the week. When I buy our fresh fruit and veg, I quickly wash them and cut them up so they are ready to rock and roll when we need to go somewhere. Here is an example of how this weeks fruit has been washed and prepped up:

I buy these large tubs from the Reject Shop for $2 as they lay flat and stack ontop of each other in our fridge nicely. My others are filled with washed and sliced veggie sticks and can't forget our Popeye mate Spinach. However I will make another post about meal plans and how to save you time throughout your week.

BBQ salmon with seeded mustard and steamed vegetables

I typically buy salmon when it's on sale, hence the few packs I bought this time around. We then have it the next day for lunch in a salad.


I simply wash my salmon thoroughly under cold running water, drain in a colander and then on a paper towel and pat dry after seasoning with salt and pepper. Squeeze some lemon juice and you don't need anything else when this fish is barbecued!!! It is such a tasty fish and one of my favourites! Not so much for Adrian, he's a flathead white fish fan!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and are geared up to rocking it with me in ROCK-tober!! Especially with my chin up challenge. I have to raise the bar (get it?) since my neck slowed me down with some workouts and choices in food last week. I am hopeless over the weekend too and over indulge in certain foods.

So I need to make the change this month to get the results I want to achieve. I am the only one that can make this happen. YOU TOO need to make the change. I hope you can join me. Let's eat clean and exercise!!!!

Xx Dani

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