Rock it! My 3 Simple Rocket Salads

I feel there is never enough time in my day during the week, so what I like to do over the weekends is make our 3 favourite "Super Simple" Rocket Salads. They only take 5 minutes to prepare and all you have to do is leave them in your fridge in a container or glad (cling) wrap the salad bowl and you are ready to serve these with your main meals or just have them on their own! Check it out here...

Pear and Parmesan Rocket Salad

Bunch of rocket and spinach leaves

2 pears

Shaved parmesan

Handful of walnuts

Pear Parmesan Rocket

Italiano Rocket Salad

Bunch of rocket and spinach leaves

1 punnet of cherry tomatoes

1 sliced cucumber

3-4 cubes of Meredith Goats Cheese

Slithers of Spanish Onions

Italian Rocket Salad

Beetroot and Feta Rocket Salad

Bunch of rocket and spinach leave

4 roasted beetroots

3-4 cubes of Meredith Goats Cheese

Slithers of Spanish Onions

Betroot Feta Rocket Salad

I also like to make a jar full of this "Super Simple" Rocket dressing which compliments all three of these gorgeous salads.


1 cup of olive oil

2 crushed garlic

1-2 freshly squeezed lemons (taste test as you go along and add/reduce as you please)

Salt & Pepper

A drizzle of honey (this breaks down the lemon acidity taste)

I hope these 3 simple rocket salads help you out throughout your working week, as I know they save me so much time. I can't stress enough what a relief it is at dinner time when these are already prepped ready to just have the dressing drizzled over them. Enjoy!

Happy MmmmMonday!

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Xx Dani

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