Rio De Janeiro farewell party

Another Backyard Blitz and The Block weekend at our place. I can't believe our house gets photographed tomorrow, in the paper and for sale on my birthday this Saturday. Whoosh! Talk about a deadline. Girls got stuck into our WIR clothes we placed in the lounge room whilst our entire house got a repaint and had a good old time playing dress ups. Adrian has been busy preparing the splashback kitchen area, putting up a fence in the backyard, paving and some new bluestone got delivered. Me? I just cook and wash dishes all day, ha ha. Never fear, when you have a plan you gotta work it right? Thankfully we have had the long weekend up our sleeve to get in some extra work around the house, so it will be home beautiful and camera ready tomorrow. Watch this space....

Dani Stevens renovations

But now the more serious stuff is almost done, I'm back to the fun stuff!

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You all know how much we want to go to Rio De Janeiro right? I love the carnival and the statue of Christos, the boys are loving soccer player Naymar Jr and the girls love the movie Rio. Ahhhh Brazil we love you....

Dani Stevens Rio De Janeiro


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MWorld Dani Stevens

Party Time

Now back to Rio and our farewell party. Another few weeks and we are leaving this place to the sunny northern beaches coastline. So to say goodbye to our family and friends we thought we would do it with a BANG! Kinda combine my birthday at the same time too, so I'll be dressing up in the carnival theme (with the girls) of course, Adrian will be my Brazilian lover and the boys in green and yellow soccer gear! With all these bright colours I couldn't help but share Anja's recipe from Instagram. How good do these look?

Spinach protein pancakes

Dani Stevens Green Pancakes


3 egg whites

1 yolk

2 handfuls of spinach

1 tbsp of cottage cheese

4 tbsp of oats (or any type of flour)

1 tbsp coconut flour

1/2 tsp baking powder

1/2 scoop of protein (optional)

Stevia to taste

Method: Mix egg whites until it forms almost a thick mixture. Add all other ingredients and blend until it's well mixed. Fry on coconut oil on medium heat. Decoration is optional, Anja used mango, a kiwi, goji berries, flax seeds and greek yogurt

Then for dinner I thought I would do a whole heap of salads and BBQ inspired Brazilian meat. Inspo taken from Pinterest.

Dani Stevens meat and salads

I love to dress up and enjoy great food and company. How about you? Have you hosted a themed party?

Happy Monday!


Disclosure: This content has been created as part of my involvement in the MWorld Trip of a Lifetime program

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