This is too cool. The beautiful Andrea all the way from the UK had the amazing Biz Promo Video do this video. For me. For the Vision Crusaders. For you. For ALL of us! How unreal is that? Riding across Australia and New Zealand is a big call but I am prepared to do whatever it takes and complete the Ride To Conquer Cancer. It saddens me that 1 in every 3 will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. I want to change this statistic. That is why I am doing what I am doing.
Fingers crossed Richard Branson has seen this, if not I am prepping something really spectacular. So please join me and take a picture, make it fun and post it on any of the social medias or send me an email
Here are some people so far supporting me with the #richardbransonproject.

What an awesome win we had tonight!!! We are going to Brazil!!! Woo Hoo!! Well not us, the Socceroos. Well done team.
Send those pictures through. Please.

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