Richard Branson will you ride with us to conquer cancer?

I need everyone's support.
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Hello everyone, you may remember my post HERE about my surprise photo shoot? My lovely friends at Lorna Jane were super kind to let me wear their active gear for a photo shoot I was doing for Richard Branson.

I have signed up for something very amazing. Yes. It's truly amazing. I am riding with thousands of cyclists to conquer cancer once and for all.

Our sensational captain Klaus Bartosch along with other phenomenal cyclists are called THE VISION CRUSADERS. We are attempting something that has never been done before. We are all dreamers and I have been told I can't do this but you know what? I WILL DO THIS!!!! 200kms, 6 races nationwide (and New Zealand) and per person we need $2,500 per ride to enter the fundraiser. I will do Every. Single. Ride. The Grand Slam and need your support as I start my campaign.

Here they all are!!!!

Rides to be Completed and seeking sponsorship:

(click on links for details or to donate)

Ride to Conquer Cancer (Brisbane) August 17-18*
Ride to Conquer Cancer (Perth) October 19-20
Ride to Conquer Cancer (Melbourne) October 26-27
Ride to Conquer Cancer (Auckland) November 17-18

*$2,500 raised and qualified ride

To sponsor my final ride in Adelaide November 30th & December 1 CLICK HERE

So what's this cycling stuff really all about? Well here is a letter to the amazing man himself who inspired me as a young adult "Whatever business you are in, every company can shoot for the stars in their own way".

Sir Richard Branson will you come ride with us?

So here's me shooting for the highest star out there.....

Dear Sir Richard

My name is Daniela and I'm a fitness blogger based in Australia. My blog is only young and I've 80,000 people following me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. I love that my food and fitness challenges are inspiring others worldwide to make great changes in their lives, much like reading your Screw it, Let's Do it did for me 7 years ago. Thank you!

Currently I'm involved in a massively exciting campaign to fight cancer, a cause I have great passion for. I've joined with an amazing team of cyclists - all ordinary people, some cancer survivors - and we are riding to rid the world of Cancer. It's a big and bold goal but our team is determined to make a difference through completing all 6 of the Ride to Conquer Cancer events being held across Australia and in New Zealand this year.

Our team -  Vision Crusaders Grand Slam - will ride in all 6 of the RTCC events this year whichwill mean more than 1200km,  pedaling over 12 days through August to November. Each rider has to raise at least $15,000 plus cover their travel costs, and to date there are 27 riders wanting to ride in the Grand Slam team. There's expected to be total of around 12,000 cyclists participate across the 6 rides. Awesome, don't you think?

During your visit here in Australia, I'm hoping that you might help us do what could become your biggest achievement yet, helping to rid the world of cancer! Can you imagine how wonderful a world with out cancer would be!

Completing the RTCC Grand Slam is a massive challenge and we already have some Virgin brands supporting us, but knowing that you are personally contributing your interest would ensure that we actually pull it off. Primarily what I am asking is to have your encouragement but cheekily this is an invitation to have you join us for one or all of these rides as a member of our Vision Crusaders Grand Slam team. Are you keen?

I do hope that this is something you might consider and I look forward to hearing from you.

Much love and friendship from Australia,
Daniela Stevens 

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PS: for those wondering why I am doing this? I don't want to be a statistic. I have had family members die and thankfully others survived. I need you to help me so we can raise as much ridiculous funds to conquer cancer once and for all. For those reading this and know of any sponsors that would love to personally sponsor me, please email me with the subject title: CHARITY SPONSORSHIP. I will love you FOREVER!!!!

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