Raw dessert food extraordinaire Nicole Joy

I met the beautiful Nicole Joy when we both attended free e-book.
Peppermint cream pies

Chocolate and hazelnut truffles

Peanut butter bites

Let's get to know Nicole a little bit more as she shares with us her Fitness Food And Style beliefs;

1. What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

I need to do my exercise first thing in the morning – other wise the day gets away from me and I don’t end up doing a thing! I will either go for a walk with my pup, do a yoga or pilates class or if (like right now) I am participating in a 12 week challenge, I will do anything from a spin class to a weights training session. I have to mix it up or will get BORED. Very quickly!
2. Describe your dream meal - what could we expect to find on your plate?

Dessert of course! My absolute favourite is anything chocolate + hazelnut, so my choc hazelnut truffles or ‘not-ella’ cookies are a regular in my household.
3. Who’s your go to style icon - who have you always admired for their style, and why?

I’m such a dag, so I admire anyone that can put together an outfit better than I can! I love classic and simple with a cheeky edge, so if I had to name someone it would be Jennifer Hawkins – she always looks so amazing!
4. What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?
Talking too much! Easy to do when you grow up with an Italian family!
5. Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

Phone, lipgloss and water bottle – phone for obvious reasons, lipgloss – because I hate dry lips and water bottle – you can never have too much H2O!

One of many Nicole's motivational quotes found in her ebook

I love all of the recipes in Nicole's e-book and I want you to have your own copy. To win Nicole's ebook simply leave me a comment below with your favourite raw breakfast recipe from her book. A random winner will be notified by email, on this post and across my social media on Monday 24th March 2014.

Much love and friendship,

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