Rave Review with Monster Health Food Company Breakfast in a Bag

Welcome to our very first Rave Review campaign with Monster Health Food Company!
A very big Fitness Food And Style thank you to our first bunch of Rave Reviewers for taking part and congratulations on being the first to try the brand new range of "Breakfast in a Bag" from Monster Health Food Company
Jessica from Deloraine, Tasmania
Amanda from Perth, Western Australia
Jodie from Ballarat, Victoria (see below LHS pic)
Alix from Sunbury, Victoria and (see below RHS pic)
Michelle from Frankston, Victoria Check comments stream below
Jodie's little girl and Alix's little man enjoying Monster Muesli breakfast in a bag
Amanda takes her Breakfast in a Bag to the beach and gym. Jess' little boy enjoying his Monster Muesli.
About Monster Health Food Company

Monster Health Food Company (MHFCo) is a family-run, 100% Australian made and owned company dedicated to delivering healthy breakfast foods. MHFCo has been providing Australians with breakfast mueslis for over twenty years and is focused on the delivery of high quality, nutritious cereal with a great taste. Monster Health Food Company carries an extensive range, and are specialists in a range of ‘free from’ products, with gluten, dairy, soy, nut, preservative and wheat-free alternatives available, as well as being Halal and Kosher certified. Don't forget to submit your favourite muesli recipe for your free sample pack and to be in the draw to win a hand blender. Click here to register

My first personal experience with the muesli was last week on our way to the airport.
Stevens family give Monster Muesli breakfast in a bag a thumbs up!
The beauty of these bags is that you pour your preferred milk directly into the bag or natural greek yogurt, which is what I had. Kids thought it was Christmas as we don't normally eat breakfast in the car in the mornings on our way to school. However this was a special day and what better way to eat than a healthy muesli mix. However now that we have this convenient breakfast in a bag, it's definately coming away with us on our road trip to the Gold Coast over the summer holidays. 
There are so many flavours to choose from. I love that it tastes real, no added sugar and so glad there are no preservatives added. Noah isn't a fan of nuts, so there is a nut free range. We love the fruits and nuts, so there is a flavour to suit everyones taste buds. 
Super happy that it's jam packed with all the vitamins, minerals and protein for our growing kids. They love the fact they know they are feeding their bodies healthy foods. Our kids have a bad habit of asking if things have added sugar in them so, glad these don't.
My only recommendations to the pack, is to make the base a bit more flat as we couldn't scoop all the muesli out. Also the serves need to be the next size up, we had to have 2 serves each of the 60g packs. When something tastes this good, you don't want them in small packs. We couldn't get enough of them.
Thank you to all the Rave Reviewers, I am so glad you had fun tasting and reviewing the Monster Health Food Co Breakfast in a Bag packs. Thank you so much for your comments below, the Monster Health Food Co family are very appreciative of all your feedback.For those that wish to be a part of our FFS Rave Reviews team, click here to submit your interest.
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