Rave Review: Next Generation's Achieva Range

Welcome #teamdani to our latest Rave Review. It's been so wonderful having access to some amazing products that you too are able to share the experience with. I really enjoyed the flavour of the protein powder. As you know I'm an avid fan of my coconut 180 Nutrition powder, however always happy to give my body a switch and that it was. Even the bottle was super practical and made everything blend super well. Don't get me started on their bars. De-licious with a capital D! Love the fact there is no refined sugar and just the natural stevia plant.

Okay! So it's not always about me and what I think. I want you to tell me how you went. So here goes:

Our RR product subject is the Achieva range from Next Generation Supplements and our review panel consisted of:

  • Stevani from Blacktown, NSW
  • Georgia from Aspendale, Victoria
  • Cassie from Narre Warren South, Victoria
  • Kristen from South Melbourne, Victoria and
  • Amanda from Forster, NSW

Each reviewer received a gift pack that contained protein powder, a shaker and chocolate bars. These items are currently being sold in all the Priceline stores around Australia with a retail price of $48.31.


The combined products contain the following ingredients

  • alkaline ph levels (protein powder)
  • gluten free (all products)
  • sweetened with stevia (all products)
  • ultra-low levels of carbs/sugars with high protein counts

For more information on this product range, please visit their website: http://www.nextgenerationsupplements.com/Achieva-Range/

Here's what our Rave Review panel had to say about the Achieva Range:

How does the Achieva range of products compare to similar products you may have tried, nutritionally and taste profile

Amanda says "I have tried a few products and so far I am extremely impressed with Achieva.  The first product I tried in the pack was the chocolate bar.  I am an avid chocolate lover so was dubious about “fake” chocolate.  I was wrong.  It was delicious!  The protein bars are very nice unlike the bland and horrible tasting ones I have tried in the past.  The protein powder was also delicious and not too “powdery” as others have been before."

Georgia says "I was pleasantly surprised with the taste and quick hunger satisfaction of the 'achieva' protein bar. They were the perfect size for a mid morning snack that would quickly satisfy and get me through to lunch.  My favourite flavour was the choc cherry.  I found the caramel flavour a little sweet for my taste buds. The zero added sugar chocolate treats were a pleasant surprise.  Just the right size to satisfy a chocolate craving.  The choc mint and chocolate flavour  were my favourite. They were a terrific post work out reward. The Achieva protein formula came in two flavours - chocolate cake and vanilla. It was nutritionally beneficial for a post workout drink.  I found the taste pleasant however a little too sweet for me. Personally I didn't like the individual packaging of female abs that appeared on the wrapper of each protein bar and chocolate treat. I felt a little self conscience unwrapping them in the staff room for the occasional morning tea snack."

Stevani says "The chocolate flavour protein powder: Rating: 9/10. Delicious flavour. Just like chocolate milkshake! No aftertaste and not chalky at all. I would give 10/10 if it's higher in fiber. I compared to other brand I tried before: Aro-lean chocolate fudge brownie (Vitacost). The vanilla flavour protein powder: Rating: 9/10. Yummy vanilla flavour. I really like the strong vanilla flavour. No aftertaste and not chalky at all. I would give 10/10 if it's higher in fiber. I compared to other brand I tried before which is quite chalky and not enough vanilla taste: Aria women protein powder in vanilla. Chocolate bar. Rating: 10/10. Nothing negative about this bar. Love, love, love! Totally like eating real chocolate bar. Perfect sweetness and I can't believe it contains Stevia (no aftertaste at all!). Finally, guilt-free 'candy'! Chocolate caramel bar. Rating: 10/10 Better than Caramello! It's that good that I can guarantee if you hide the wrapper and give this bar to children they will ask for more! Perfect for my craving for caramel. Cherry chocolate bar: Rating: 10/10. Cherry ripe.. Look out! This one is honestly more delicious than cherry ripe. Softer texture is the added bonus :) Chocolate mint Rating:10/10 Dream come true! Not only it has perfect sweetness and no aftertaste at all, there are real mint bits as well! So happy to find healthy indulgence treat. Perfect size too. Guilt-free treat without too much calories."

Cassie says "The protein powder is ok - a little bit sweeter than I am used to. The protein bars were not very nice - they all tasted the same - fake. Which makes me wonder how many chemicals are in them."

Kristen says "I didn't like the taste of the protein powder but I've never had one like it before so it's hard to compare. The chocolate bars were delicious, I really enjoyed them."


Would you continue to purchase or re-purchase products from the Achieva range

Amanda says "I most definitely will be buying and recommending the products.  They were fantastic!"

Georgia says "I would continue to purchase the protein bars - they were great."

Stevani says "Will I re-purchase? Definitely!"

Cassie says "I probably wouldn't buy them, as again they are not complete natural"

Kristen says "I would definitely buy the chocolate bars again"

Is the information in the Brochure (included in the pack) useful/helpful in assisting with long term health and weight management?

Amanda says "Yes, the brochure was extremely useful.  I enjoyed the meal planning and timing of when to have certain products.  I was also happy to read about each product.  I am always extremely interested in what is in a product and how it works.  I wont put anything in my body unless I have had a research of the products and how they work.  This brochure provided that."

Georgia says "The information brochure provided is easy to follow and gave ideas on how the Achieva range can be incorporated into a healthy diet.  I particularly liked the emphasis on the importance of a balanced, healthy diet and NOT replacing meals with liquid shakes. The suggested meal planners provided gave me ideas to plan my own healthy meal planner while also incorporating the Achieva products.  I was never hungry and felt energized and healthy."

Stevani says "The brochure is really informative"

Cassie says "The information booklet is easy to use, and had a lot of information."

Kristen says "The brochure was very useful and I will definitely refer back to it now and then."


Any other comments?

Amanda says "Thank you again – was so lovely to receive the parcel in the mail!!!  PS – the shaker is the best I've used  yet!"

Stevani says "In conclusion, I am happy to be given opportunity to review these products. It's about time to have healthy food that taste like real food and don't have textures like cardboard."

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