R U okay

The reality is that it’s often closer than we think.R U okay Dani Stevens It’s such an important question and I’m so glad there is a day like this where we are all reminded to take those extra steps towards someone and have that listening ear open.

Having close relationships with those you love is a fantastic start and being the type of person people feel comfortable talking to is a good thing to be.

Unfortunately, the awful statistics that touch so many of us is that 2,100 Aussies take their lives each year.


Turn to your friends to share your feelings and create a world that you feel connected to. Exercise can be a positive way to help you feel inspired and empowered. Small steps can take you on a BIG journey.

If someone in your life who really matters to you is having a hard time at the moment, go out of your way to reach out. Your connection with them is valuable. SMS, a funny message on Facebook, sharing an inspirational pic on Instagram, even – there are so many gentle ways to speak to people these days. By reminding them that they can always find you at the other end of that message, you’re showing them you care – and that you’re there.

I understand what it is like to feel overwhelmed and down some times too but I have to say that healthy eating and being active has made a real difference in more than just my body. Being connected to like minded people (yes you!) is the most positive space and I love that so many of us connect daily - we are only a key stroke away!

And yesterday I had the wonderful thrill of seeing hard work pay off when I was featured as one of the 12 recommended ‘realistic’ fitness bloggers to follow on the Dr Oz site. Woo-hoo!


Dr Oz Dani Stevens

I love finding online hubs of really cool health-related info. You can see more of the article here.

And while you’re there, look around. I read an interesting piece about superfoods too – something I’ll be writing more about very soon as well, when I look at one of the latest grains for goodness.

Speaking of goodness, my ebook – 30 Days of Fitness and Foodis ready to buy. I had such a great time putting it together and knowing that lots of you are going to enjoy the way it puts simple, healthy foods on your table, with some delicious recipe ideas and food tips – well, it makes me feel really happy.

I’d love to hear what you think of it. There's also special fitness food gifts waiting for you too!

Happy Thoughtful Thursday and please leave yours below.


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