Protein Balls by Chef Cynthia Louise

I love this woman, we met through my beautiful friends Evohe and since then I have made quite a few of Cynthia's recipes, these protein balls included. They were an absolute hit while we were traveling and moving our entire family from country Victoria to the sunny Northern NSW coastline.... Protein Balls

Protein Balls Recipe

Chef Cynthia is all about plant based and wholefoods, her Instagram page is super inspiring and she is all about creating recipes we can all make. To put it simply Cynthia allows us to make our own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients. I can't wait to share more with this amazing woman, watch this space....

Dani Stevens Byron Bay

We are loving our new home and being a stone throw away from Byron Bay. For those of you that have been following me, it's time I update my ABOUT ME page don't you think?

My dream is to move up to Byron Bay NSW where I know my soul and body rejuvenate every time we visit there, but my husband says we need to wait for the kids to finish school.

So dreams do come true huh? I am here to share that YOU can make anything happen if you truly want it. We had so many excuses, from finances to family and kids finishing school in Ballarat that we thought no way! This is our time here on earth and it's way too short to live with excuses. So we just did it and it's the best decision we have EVER made in our life! To see the smiles on my families faces brings so much joy and at the end of the day, that is my happiness. That is why I am here to share our life with you that you too may enjoy a fit and healthy lifestyle with the ones you love.

Dani Stevens Dream Big Coastal Lifestyle

Welcome to our new backyard, I look forward to bringing you more fitness, food and fun times ahead that will help you create a healthy lifestyle you and your family will enjoy! We have been exploring the amazing coastline here skating, walking, bike riding and just being outdoors! IT'S AMAZING!!!! If you can tell, I have been avoiding the boxes! They can wait to be unpacked later... ha ha

Happy Monday and if you need anything please ask me here. Or come follow me daily over at Instagram or Facebook.


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