Pre-post body after baby no. 3 PLUS my Blue Steel pose

Baby number 3. WOWZA!!! You would think I learnt from my previous 2 pregnancies that eating all that bad junky stuff wasn't going to be a good idea. But no I was listening to that voice saying "you're eating for two".Boy! Did I suffer the consequences. Yup! 20kgs+ later…..

This was me at 38 weeks with Mietta back in October 2009....

This was my 3rd pregnancy with Mietta (Oct 2009) weighing 85kgs AKA 187lb


My fitness regime back then was based on a 15 minute per day program which simply involved a wholefoods diet and resistance and interval based training every day. This fitness regime kick started my new healthy lifestyle, I wouldn't have been able to achieve such amazing results with just exercising 15 minutes per day! I am not a gym person, don't particularly want to work out for an hour as time is too precious to me at the moment as every minute is spent with our young family.

The big turning point for me was the food. I thought I was able to get away with those weekly take away meals, a muffin or a chocolate per day, chips and nibbles here and there. Naha. It was going straight to my you know where. Just fat depositing itself nicely and getting real cosy! So I am so glad my life has turned around and I no longer eat the way I used to. Sure, I treat myself 1-2 per week but not everyday!

Otherwise I would still look like this…..

Here's a chunky version of me post baby no.3 Jan 2010 weighing over 85kgs AKA 187lb
I participated in a few online fitness challenges throughout 2009-12 and achieved some awesome results. So what better way to celebrate my post baby number 3 transformation than with my very own blue steel pose :-) Thank you to the wonderful photographer Phil Darley who managed to make me look like a super model for a day (yeah right!) ha ha
Dec 2010


So in a nutshell I was able to achieve my body back with some simple tools which I will continue to share on my blog and hope that you too join this journey of feeling and looking great! However the best thing about all this "clean eating" and exercising is how healthy and fit I feel especially the "extra" energy I have to enjoy my very fast paced life!!!! I need all the energy I can get managing a household of 6 people.

Tell me one of your blue steel moments and whether you have achieved something that you never thought was possible?

Enjoy your week!

Much love & friendship, XxDani

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