Pre and post baby no. 2 photos PLUS a photo shoot!!!!

Okay so these are my before and after pictures after having our second son I know what you all might be thinking, I know I may appear to look good (and trust me I am thankful for my height too which distributes my excess baggage equally everywhere) but as I said in my previous post I have the same body fat percentage as someone that is a smaller frame, say 5' so they tend to appear more compact and rounded than me. Hence I never look too overweight but here I am sitting at over 35% body fat. That just isn't healthy!

So I decided to get into shape. It took me 15 months, nevertheless the is where my new healthy journey began.
I then became pregnant with our 3rd baby Mietta when I did this surprise photoshoot for my husband (yes! I was 6 weeks pregnant and he didn't even know!). And no peeps, I am not a model. I just have a friend called Phil with great hair and make up skills, lighting and a fabulous camera. However I must admit, I kinda did pull it off huh? I hope so. Hubby can now have me as his official pin up girl ;-)

So there you have it my friends, a journey that I hope never to repeat. Having said that I wouldn't be in the shape I am today if I didn't go down that path. I have learnt a pretty basic rule YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT! So when I used to look down at my muffin top I would wonder "How do I get rid of you?" and then I would turn beside me and see an entire block of Cadbury's hazelnut chocolate and a packet of potato chips devoured minutes ago.....that was the old me. This is the new me now and don't get me wrong I do indulge in those things from time to time but I burn it off quick smart so they don't stick around!

Tell me your food struggles, what food types can you not live without?


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