Praise $500 Dinner Giveaway Revealed

How was your weekend? Was it flat out or did you have a relaxing one like me? I've been off the grid the past few days due to my back pain which has now moved up to my neck. So, I have been taking it easy to repair and recover for another amazing week! Anyway getting back on deck and I am loving seeing all the #zerosaladsds flooding in my social media newsfeeds. Isn't it awesome? There are too many to choose from. What an amazing array of salads we have had for our competition this month. Thank you all for sharing your delicious salads!

Here are just some of my favourites;

Praise Salad Creations

Top left is full of colour with a dip and healthy vegetable & red quinoa salad shared by Vydas Healthy Habits. Second in line is by kernidee who switched it up a little by adding beans, chickpeas, avocado, etc. The third one is drizzled with honey and oil. Find out some of the ingredients here. The salad at the bottom is just perfect for summer at the beach, sashahartley shares on her IG. Next, healthfoodfiles calls it Tuscan pesto pasta salad. It looks so vibrant, doesn't it? The last one is a creation by goldnchyld. Now this is one superfood salad for dinner. What a hearty meal it is!

It's been tough choosing the best #zerosaladsds!

But there has to be a winner. Drum roll please.....

Praise Winner Announcement (1)

This photo deserves a wonderful treat from Praise. Check out this amazing salad recipe here. Congratulations Samia from @healthfoodfiles! Please email me so we can send your $500 Praise giveaway experience.

Have a wonderful Monday. Stay tuned for our upcoming Monthly "FitMas" Challenge and more giveaways for #teamdani.


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