Planks challenge starts 1st-31st January 2013

Just a quick post to let you all know we are ready to rock and roll with our Planks January 2013 challenge!!! In fact, you can tag all your pics to #planksjan2013 to show us what types of planks you are doing and how long. On a serious note, I do not want us to take this challenge to the extreme of the plank rave that happened a couple of years ago. Seriously. This isn't a challenge where you plank outside the comfort of your home, gym or safe area eg: the park or the beach. I want to express that safety is key here and the aim of this challenge is to strengthen our core, move our body daily and of course tone our arms, abs and whatever other muscles want to join the party!!!

As you know this challenge is aligned to your existing exercise program (like the squats challenge we did in December) so please don't think you will have fab abs after 31 days by just planking!


You need to incorporate a regular exercise program and eat 80-90% healthy. Easy right? Yes! Well no. Sometimes life gets hectic and you forget to prepare your meals in advance so you grab whatever is in reach. You skip a workout because you feel tired or you've had a hard day. These are just the challenges we face as human beings and you know what? It's okay. As long as we don't fall into a lazy pattern (and I can tell you, I have been there on the couch lazing away!) so that's why I am here to help you! If you need a bit of motivation and inspiration, I am here for you. In return your support and comments make it so much more enjoyable for me, to do what I am doing.

So! Back to the planks challenge!! You excited???? I AM!!!! Here is what I posted on Facebook and Instagram a couple of days ago....

Planks challenge 2013

Okay, here is the G. O straight from my challenges tab so you can make comments directly on that page if you don't find this one handy;

PLANKS CHALLENGE ~ 1st to 31st January 2013

Let me start off by saying we won't be doing any extravagant planking pics like the whole rave a few years ago. This is all about strengthening our core, overall fitness and most importantly safety. I take no responsibility for any injuries caused during this challenge. Please seek your Doctors okay before commencing any type of exercises.

I will post various planking styles per week for easy, medium and difficult levels. You choose what your preference is. These pictures may be of me, other friends, fitness professionals and random google peeps. Everyone can hashtag their pics or ideas to #planksjan2013 so we can all learn and get ideas.


The daily planks from the 1st to 31st January 2013, will be:

3 x 1 minute

Ties in beautifully with the 31 days in January right?

It's your choice whether you spread these 3 sets out throughout the day or do them in a row. 


Left hand side plank 30 seconds
Right hand side plank 30 seconds

Side plank

That's one set completed out of 3 for the day. You have another two sets to do either back to back or throughout your day eg: as part of your normal fitness routine or first thing in the morning! Up to you.

Also feel free to plank longer, I may even increase the 30 secs planks to 40 secs in week 2 and so on. I'm not a huge fan of planking myself but 2013 is all about me getting out of my comfort zone. What about you???

Let me know your thoughts and I hope I have made it simple enough, as I don't like complicated things. I follow the KISS principle (keep it simple sweetie).

Planks very much everyone!!! XxDani

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