Plank challenge #planksjan2013


That's all I can say!!!

Check out these amazing people and all their creative planks and just getting involved in this months plank challenge!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Plank challenge 
Plank challenge

You guys rock!!!

Here have been my planks these past 2 weeks! Please note to take care at all times when planking. As you may know me by now I am a bit of a dare devil so I like to keep you entertained. I typically don't complete all my planks on some of the tricky environments below....

Week 1

Week 2

Day 13 and 14

180 Nutrition

I have to make a SPECIAL mention to my lovely sponsors 180 Nutrition for awarding our top 4 plankers this month. I will be announcing the 2 males and 2 females early in February for their starter pack protein powders. Check out the link for more info on their wonderful products! All natural goodness.

So keep tagging those pictures for your chance to win!!!

Keep on planking my beautiful friends!

Xx Dani

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