Photoshoots & Social Events - What to Wear?

An early start for me today, my morning ritual is a quick 5km walk before the kids get up and hubby goes to work. I am really aiming to share my daily movement with you, likewise use our new #365activedays hashtag so I can see what you are up to.


Dani Stevens 365activedays

It typical takes me an hour but I have been trying to beat my time each day. Let's keep encouraging each other to move our body every day.


Now this my friends is super dooper easy and so fresh and gorgeous as a spread, dip or salad dressing. I cut this up earlier this morning, I let it sit to infuse together and have a flavour party while I went out for my walk. Then I blitzed it with a hand held blender (you can use a normal blender) and I placed it in the kids tuna sandwiches today.


Avocado Dressing Sauce and Dip

Avocado Dressing Sauce and Dip Recipe



Photoshoots, social events, meetings, you name it! But, what do I wear?

You wouldn't believe what happened to me? I have been asked whether or not I would like to be on a Morning Television Show and to talk about how I do what I do? I never thought those calls would happen but they are and so many social events to attend over the next few weeks. Super excited!

So the first thing that came to my mind was "WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?" one day it's hot in Melbourne, then it's cold. Summer has been such a drag lately, I seriously can't wait when our lifestyle dream becomes a reality and we move up north where the sun shines every day, water is warm, salt and sea breeze brushes our faces and we are living an active lifestyle each and everyday outside!

Any who, back to fashion. You know how much I love my fitness but I also love my luxe look as well. I picked up my phone and immediately dialled Stevie who as you know has been helping me with my personal "style" branding.  Here's what he came up with and said;



"After speaking with Dani, with a really busy week ahead with lots of meetings, adding to that a cool drop in temperature in Melbourne Dani wanted an easy outfit that was comfortable, also to have layered options as the weather gets warmer during the day. By using wardrobe basics such as wet-look jeggings, denim jacket and a basic tank, you can pull this all together by using your favourite scarf for a clean but sharp look. Grab your favourite clutch and you are all prepped and ready to go."

You are a star Steve! Thanks so much.

I'll keep you posted with all these events and possible TV appearances, thank you for being a part of my life and see you tomorrow!



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