Our Wedding Day ~ Hawaii 21st May 2006

Seen as I started our day with a tropical theme earlier this morning with my smoothie it has made me daydream ALL day about our wonderful wedding in Hawaii 6 years ago. We celebrated it last month and since I only starting blogging 2 weeks ago, I thought I would share....

The scenery was just divine, the company even more sublime. We had our closest family and friends share this special day with us! I will never forget the sand between my toes!!!

Oh yes and the magical kiss that sealed my future as Mrs Daniela Stevens

This is one of my most favourite shots as a friend took this one and we were all smiles ;-))))))

Diamond Head ~ Waikiki Beach

I could keep going folks but I'll update you with new ones every year we celebrate our anniversary. Deal? Don't want you getting bored now.....

What was one amazing thing that you will never forget on your wedding day? (if you're not married, let me know a special day you will never forget)


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