Our Wedding Anniversary

We just celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary the other day and spent the weekend in Melbourne.

Mr and Mrs Stevens

It was amazing. We have the best sister/brother in laws EVER, as they took care of our 2+2 kids. It was so nice to have one on one time.

Peace. Laughter. Togetherness. Shopping. Eating. Dancing. All the cool stuff.

I love entering the hotel lobby, the smell, checking out their funky foyer design and just seeing various people checking in. I love to travel and experience new places.

Crown Metropol

It was a super relaxing weekend and the only thing I had to worry about, was which outfit to wear?

Weekend attire

The best part?

Sleeping in.....

Adrian asking me "Can you hear that?"

I said "What?"

He replied "Exactly!"

We were "kids free" for 24x7 and boy! it was so cool to hang out with each another.

And of course the soft, thick and luxurious hotel robes. I LOVE THEM! I have been renowned for "accidentally" packing them in my suitcase :-) however this time it couldn't fit!

What's your most favourite thing to do when you get away?


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