Oranges! Oranges! Oh how I love my oranges...

Hello to all my wonderful readers out there today! I hope this sunny day has lifted your spirits as it has mine. Talking about sunny, my bright topic today is about oranges!
10 reasons why you should eat oranges why they are good for you;
1. Orange juice contains a high percentage of Vitamin C
2. Boosts your immune system, less likely to catch the common cold or flu
3. Very high in antioxidants, helps prevent various forms of cancer
4. Contains large amounts of potassium, which is an essential nutrient for the body
5. Reduces the risk of heart disease, which helps improve circulation
6. Contains folate and plays a major role in the reproduction of new cells  
7. It has anti-inflammatory properties. May relieve arthritis-related pain (this is for you Mama) 
8. Very good source in fibre
9. Protects respiratory health
10. They are simply just juicey and sweet and we love them!
So that bright orange ball of goodness was what caught my eye in our fruit bowl this morning. I wanted to make something for  a "quick crash course on blogging" and morning tea catch up (mainly as a token of my appreciation for Celeste's time and effort!).
What did I do? I simply placed "orange muffins" in the Google search engine and whalla this orange muffins (original recipe found here) appeared.
Now you might be aware I am trying to keep most things clean, so I omitted the sugar with 2tbs of honey and the butter with a 1/3 cup of macadamia oil and next time will either try GF or wholemeal flour. I didn't do the syrupy topping instead sprinkled icing to make them look pretty for you ;-)

They were quite de-lish I might add and our kids devoured the mini muffin versions too.

Okay, this was just a quick post....I'll be back later to share our meals for the day!

Much love, Dani xx

BTW the wonderful Celeste at Our Girly World who is also the fabulous photographer for Zali's birth photos and our Christmas 2011 postcards (more on those beautiful pics in a post later) was kind enough to help tweak my site this morning so thanks again Celeste, you're the best!!!! We'll conquer the dreaded shadow box ;-)

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