October Water Challenge

I have been running around like a crazy woman lately, looked in the mirror and saw the state of my skin! I knew straight away I was dehydrated. Over the school holidays it gets pretty busy running around with our 4 kids, play dates, catch ups, mini getaways, work and just life in general managing a household of six people.  So what better way to kick off this month with our Water Challenge. Let's keep on track and drink at least 8 glasses of 250ml - 8.7fl oz per day. As a top up you can make sure you add coconut water in your smoothies, drink more herbal teas throughout the day just to keep on top of things.


Why is water so important?

Because without it, we would not exist! Our human body is made up of 60 percent water. We are moving our body every second of the day and it's constantly losing water, let it be through sweating, nervousness, going to the bathroom and even while we are breathing.  If we don't replenish this loss, either through drinking various liquids, eating or for some extreme cases such as intravenous fluids, severe repercussions may occur. Anything from confusion, decreased blood pressure, electrolyte imbalances and cardiac arrhythmias are primary dehydration symptoms. Or in my case it was enough too see the state of my skin, so I knew I needed to get back on track.

Without water, there would not be life. Even the single celled organisms need water in which to live. Water was where life all began. Did you know water is the only element that can exist in all three states: gas, solid and liquid. All of these three states are beneficial to humans. It's so easy for us to take our water for granted. It has always been here-in fact, I'm sure the water on the planet today is likely to be the same water even before the dinosaurs roamed our planet.

So feel free to print the below and keep it somewhere you will see throughout your day, and drink water to keep yourself hydrated and skin glowing! Use our #teamdani hashtag so I can share your creative water pictures in social media. Keep an eye out for our giveaways this month too!

Happy Friday!

Xx Dani

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October's Water Challenge


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