My Post-Workout 180 Nutrition Green Smoothie

After my workouts I am pretty famished and I need a high protein injection. I turn to no other than my all time fave 180 Nutrition "coconut" protein powder "SUPERFOOD" smoothie drink! I add a few handfuls of popeye's favourite spinach leaves just to get my extra added iron so I am supercharged all morning! The other reasons I love placing spinach in my smoothies is that it helps my digestive system. It flushes out toxins from the colon and let's just say I'm no longer constipated like I was back in the days.

I also love the way my skin feels. Since drinking green smoothies over the past few years, I have seen first hand the bounty of vitamins and minerals this little green leaf produces. My skin has become a lot more radiant and has increased the health of my skin tenfold. I highly recommend it.


1 scoop of 180 Nutrition Coconut Protein Powder Spinach leaves Strawberries 600ml coconut water 1 banana Honey


As per video above, blend until all combined and super charge your day!

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I'm also embarking on a #7daychallenge with my friends at #Allbran just to help my Bali "bloat" belly! I ate too much buffet food and didn't watch my numerous plate consumptions....

Enjoy and let me know how you like to super charge your day and leave me a comment below if you wish to join the All Bran 7 day challenge with me!

Much love and friendship, xxDani

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