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It's the school holidays and it's been kid central. When I catch up with my friends, most of us have a minimum of 3 kids making it very loud and noisy. Between only a handful of us Mums, there tends to be 12-15 kids without even trying! How insane is that? Here's an example of me catching up with a friend earlier in the week and it was just the two of us!!!

8 kids!!! WOWZA!!!



Never fear! I am such a gun when it comes to working  in different environments. The beauty of my work is that I can work wherever and whenever I want. I have enjoyed being a part of the  Microsoft Connections Program and love taking my little Surface Pro 2 everywhere I go. It has everything I need and is super fun to use!

I love the fact everything is cloud based, no matter where I am all my content and files travel everywhere I go. Especially, when I am posting my pictures on Instagram or creating documents, content and formatting is in tact from my laptop to the Nokia Lumia 1020 handset. It's pure hassle free every time I log in, especially with my schedule.

What's even more ace is if you jump on Instagram Microsoft are giving away Office 365 each day PLUS a Surface Pro 2 each week! Get onto Instagram and start snapping your pics and use #myofficetoday.

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How is everyone going with our July challenge? So far so good? Day 2 no sugar, and so far so good with the 50 squats. Also make sure you hydrate throughout the day. I had 2ltrs of water, 2 coffees (no sugar) before 12pm and 1 ginger lemongrass tea at 3pm.


Home made muesli with fresh fruit & dollop of natural Greek yogurt

Morning snack

Cheese, vegetable sticks & small can of tuna


Chicken salad wraps with cherry tomatoes, carrots with hummus dip

Afternoon snack

apple with a handful of almonds


Beef ragout in the slow cooker (carrots, beef, cauliflower, onions, celery & beef stock)


Don't forget to tag your pics to #teamdani throughout our challenge this month so I can feature you.

Until next time...

Much love & friendship,


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