My home style

It's renovation city at our place. Well it seems like it's been like that for the past 8 years since having 4 kids!!! We have moved 3 times and we have extended and created more space and parts of our home that we can poke a stick at! From a skate ramp park, pool deck area, kids creative room to my soon to be home office.
Maybe one day The Design Files can come photograph our home. That's if they'd like to loan me an interior designer to do a style make over in our entire home. Maybe one day.

Or shall I just ask Lucy? :-)

The Design Files has been one of my fave places to visit on a daily basis especially when it comes to home inspo. In fact here are some stella's I have adored over the years. All pictures are from their website. 

Melbourne home of Simone and Rhys Haag
I love the simplicity and stylish decor of this home. The soft and cosy cushions, rug and neutral tones. Such a calm vibe. 
The Coolangatta Home of designer Leah Bartholomew.
I love the garden, the light and the colours throughout this home. Oh yeah it's also near a beach which is a plus! Hubby loves the surfboard too :-)
The Brisbane home of Geraldine Cleary
Cool pad and superb open space connecting with the outdoors. I love the low seating lounge suite, the chairs and outdoor setting. All very minimalist but super stylish.
The Surry Hills apartment of Virginia Mesiti and Scott Otto Anderson

Loving the koala, all that colour and it shines personal style and character. Super cute home especially when you see there are children living in it. 
What's your fave home style?

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