My baby girl's room ideas

Zali has officially moved into her bedroom BY herself (mind you she is the only baby that ever slept in the same room as us until 8 months! Dope!) yes it's a pretty long time but as you may be aware we are renovating so we only have 3 bedrooms upstairs so the boys shared a room and Mietta had a room all to herself. This now has changed with Noah (6) Oscar (4) and Mietta (2) sharing a bedroom together!!!
Let's just say there is a never ending barrel of excuses to their conversations, visits to the kitchen for some water, toilet flushes and just general;
"Mama I've gotta just tell you something, it's really important" says Oscar to which I reply;
"What is it Oz?" (that was my mistake, I always get sucked in)
"Why do spiders have hairy legs?" ......the rest I won't repeat but let's just say this Go The F To Sleep book which featured on one of my most fav sites mamamia  really was tempting to say but we don't use that word in our house, sure I may think it but we just don't say it. Out of bounds!!!!
Back to Zali's room. Below are some pieces I purchased from one of my favourite online stores in the UK the wonderful Bodie and Fou Elodie and Karine are fab and so personable. We communicated via email and the service and prompt delivery was outstanding!!!
I purchased the Normann Copenhagen light shade as a central light fitting piece which looks absolutely stunning along with the fun orange Orange pigeon light by Ed Carpenter for the early night wakes or just when we have some Mama and Zali time during her feed times. The Doudou french ABC poster along with the Doudou plush toy. The "Tree Of Life" linen and apple blanket was from Jacob and Bonomi which are absolutely divine.

Let me know what you think of Zali's room decor. She turns one in August so I hope to have some nice pictures of her room with all these pieces to showcase.

*AVIOUR!!!! and Fais de beaux reves XXXX

*BYE!!! and Sweet Dreams

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