Movie night tonight, so I'll make this quick

Half my day was spent at the hospital or rather the fracture clinic this morning to get more xrays done on Noah's left wrist which he broke when he fell down at school ~ 5 weeks ago. Luckily I prepared our  snacks & lunch as we didn't get home until 1:30pm!!!! The kids were great, they just played and kept their cool whilst Mum was over heating a little!!!!!

Pear & cinnamon porridge with walnuts

mixed raw veggies (carrots & celery)
laughing cow cheese
tuna, carrot & avocado wraps 
Mietta wanted more when we arrived home!

Afternoon snack
hard boiled eggs
hummus dip with veggie sticks

Since then I made tonights dinner, pea and ham soup, did the kinda and school picks up followed by some Martha Stewart tissue paper flowers crafts with the kids, as we gear up for 2 parties in August. Noah is turning 7 on the 8/8 and it's Zali's 1st birthday on the 11/8 so we are practising these puffy fluffy flowers to have as her party decorations. Let me tell you I'm glad I've started now as I really need to perfect them!!! I'll post pre and post attempts ;-)

Ham and pea soup

Ok so I'm off to get ready, just waiting for Adrian to come home and relieve my shift! Hope everyone has a superb night and think of me whilst I have my feet up in Gold Class watching a chick flick. I might be snoring as I had an interrupted sleep last night with Mietta thinking it was morning and time to watch her cartoons at 2am!!!!! Not happy!

See-ya real soon xx Dani

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