Motivation and great food

Hello everyone, how was your day? I had a few things on the go today, besides the general house goddess duties I also starting sorting through our cupboards and making some sort of organised space or where to go to when you're looking for something. I think I've made more of a mess, as it started in the kitchen and I ended up in laundry as well when putting on my 50 millionth load of washing today. Crikey!!! All in all a smooth day and a good day.

Workout Busted my chops again with the Fit Yummy Mummy program I follow. I'm loving the 50 seconds circuit sessions with 10 seconds rest period. Again the renegade row gets me every time and I finish off with the reverse crunch that I have a pool of sweat filling up my belly button. Do you want to see it? Yes I do have a photo for those that are interested ;-) ha ha My cardio AKA interval training 60 sec squats with shoulder press on the way up and 30 sec marching on the spot, peeling a mandarin for my little Miss Mietta! etc....

Pre and post workout meal/drink Apple puree Vanilla protein drink with water

Breakfast Home made muesli

Morning snack Yogurt with mandarins and nuts latte

I found the below quote quite motivational when the layers were peeled away with questions asking:

"why are you doing this? why are you sharing your body/blog story with the world? why do you want that tight butt on the beach? why do you want a six pack? Don't we have enough of these women on the cover of magazines?"

Besides being a fit and healthy Mama, I really want to be a good example to my kids. Look and feel great for myself, my husband and others eg: be an inspiration to like minded women who come visit my blog.

If I can show people that anything is possible, as I am not a celebrity who has a chef, full time nanny or luxury of a personal trainer. I am someone real who has 4 kids under 6 years of age, I cook clean meals 80% of the time, I find time to exercise and don't make excuses. I motivate myself to get my workouts done, I have a household of 6 people to manage, projects on the go and sick elderly parents to manage etc...

So when these questions were asked I found this quote suited me to a "t". I hope you find it inspiring and motivational as well.....

Lunch Chicken salad with avocado, feta, cucumber, tomato & spinach drizzle of olive oil & vinegar

We went to our local fish shop, as I know they get fresh fish delivered on Tuesdays and grabbed some beautiful swordfish. I posted a really lovely salmon basting recipe a while back but my friend Celeste said it sounded lovely and looked good but doesn't eat salmon. So I hope you know I thought long and hard about this fish and I must say, it was splendid!!!!

Afternoon snack On the go with school pick up, nut mix & 1 apple Rice crackers with our 3 home made dips with veggie sticks

Dinner Macadamian encrusted swordfish with paprika wedges and asparagus

Sorry about the little burnt maca nuts, I had baby crawling in the kitchen with other 3 playing tiggy and injury central so I had to attend to those crying whilst it was my poor swordfish who copt a hiding on the griller!!!! :-( nevertheless it still was smashing!!!!! Man I brag about my food, don't I? I must have bias taste buds!!!

Method 1. Wash swordfish and pat dry 2. Season swordfish with salt and pepper 3. Place a handful of macadamia's, 1 tsp oregano & 1tsp lemon rind in mortal and pestle 4. Crush until breadcrumb forms 5. Sprinkle and press into fish so it sticks 6. Grill, BBQ or oven bake until cooked (spray olive oil)

As for my paprika wedges, I have my glorious SIL to thank for the super "quick"potato cooking process!!! All you do is cut the amount of potatoes or sweet potatoes you want, season it with S&P, place in a freezer bag and tie a knot, pierce with a fork for steam to escape and set the microwave for 3-4 minute intervals until its cooked!!! It's such a life save for me these days as I have so many saucepans or frypans on the go that one less pot on my stove top is heavenly!!! Thanks Ems :-)

Then quickly fry them for a crispy wedge factor, sprinkle paprika or whatever seasoning you like!

I hope you had a beautiful day and I look forward to catching up with you all again tomorrow. Oh yes here is our menu for the week!!! XxDani

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