Monday motivation with Kemi Nekvapil & her Mexican Superbowl

Super excited today to bring you one amazing woman. You may recall the last time I was cooking up a storm with chef Toby Puttock we were actually creating one of her amazing salads. Check it out!

Kemi Nekvapil is the world’s leading authority on Raw Beauty. She believes a woman's unique beauty comes from who she is and the actions she chooses to take. As a speaker, life-coach and author, Kemi has worked in the wellness industry for more than 20 years. A pioneer of raw food in Australia, and an international speaker, Kemi runs events and retreats that transform the lives of women.

Kemi takes 5 minutes with us to share her fitness food and style ethos;

Kemi Nekvapil on Dani Stevens

What fitness activity do you schedule into your daily routine to keep healthy?

I am definitely someone that needs to move my body and sweat everyday, not only for my physical health but also for my emotional wellbeing, clarity and performance in all areas of my life.

This is a very unusual year for me as my husband, two children and myself are travelling around Australia in a caravan for a year long adventure. At home in Melbourne I have a strong routine of running, yoga and Crossfit. On the road, everyday is different so I have to make it up as I go along which is fun. I am about to run the outback Australian half marathon, a unique experience as the run track is around Uluru (Ayers Rock) so I have been focusing on my running and yoga in preparation.

Describe your dream meal – what could we expect to find on your plate?

As a food lover, I have many, many dream meals. Being on the road is all about adaptation, I do not have my usual foods on hand all the time. Just the other day I said to my husband, “I miss sauerkraut”, not something I ever thought I would say. I think my dream plate at the moment would be a mixture of brown rice, avocado, crispy salmon, and a coriander and lime salsa with sauerkraut or Kim chi.

Who’s your go to style icon – who have you always admired for their style, and why?

I do not have a style icon, but I love style. The kind of style I am attracted to is confidence and unique beauty. As a life coach for women, my mission is for as many women as possible to love themselves and to create their own form of internal and external beauty. We are all so beautiful but we are sold a different story, and that story has a huge impact on how women feel about themselves, which impacts the kinds of lives we think we can create. I think the most attractive style is “This is who I am. I am unique. I have something to offer. I am growing. I am learning”

What’s a childhood habit or mannerism that has followed you into adulthood?

I love this question. There are a few actually but the one that makes the daily difference is knowing that I am in charge and responsible for how my life turns out. Moment by moment. I am and always have been an action taker

Name three things you can’t leave the house without and why?

My red moleskin notebook and uniball black pen. I am a doodler, a list maker, and a writer, so I always need my notebook and pen.

My iPhone, but I do not always have it on; I have created very strong personal boundaries when it comes to devices.

I have a beautiful leather purse that my sister, a boutique leather designer made for me and it contains my hand cream, essential oil, a raw food snack and other little bits and bobs.

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Kemi is the author of Raw Beauty – The 7 Principles to nourish your body, transform your mind and create the life you want. Thanks again for joining us and sharing your life with our Team Dani community. You are most welcome anytime x

Happy Monday and here's some motivation to keep you going!


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